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John Boehner’s Resignation

In the midst of the tussling among Republicans over which is worse, a government shutdown or funding Planned Parenthood, John Boehner has apparently decided he’s had enough.  The right-wingers are cheering, even though they’re not in a position to get one of their own into the slot.  How will this affect politics on Capitol Hill these next few years?

Republicans react:

The Majority Leader who wants to take his place:

Elsewhere in the House:


Second Republican Debate, Wed. Sept. 16

The spotlight is on three people who were nowhere near getting mentioned as realistic candidates a few months ago, but are the top three in New Hampshire.  Here’s the story from Politico:

If you watch it, I’d love to read your thoughts here.  (I’ll be on a bus coming back from a few days in DC, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to hear it on the radio or not.)


Primary season spirals out of control

Just a few months ago, it seemed certain that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination and be going up against Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, or Marco Rubio.  But now?

Mrs. Clinton is on the decline amid cries of “Run, Joe (Biden), run!”:

Donald Trump is doing a lot better than expected:

But this guy doesn’t think things are as different as they seem:

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