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John Boehner’s Resignation

In the midst of the tussling¬†among Republicans¬†over which is worse, a government shutdown or funding Planned Parenthood, John Boehner has apparently decided he’s had enough.¬† The right-wingers are cheering, even though they’re not in a position to get one of their own into the slot.¬† How will this affect politics on Capitol Hill these next few years?

Republicans react:

The Majority Leader who wants to take his place:

Elsewhere in the House:


Second Republican Debate, Wed. Sept. 16

The spotlight is on three people who were nowhere near getting mentioned as realistic candidates a few months ago, but are the top three in New Hampshire.¬† Here’s the story from Politico:

If you watch it, I’d love to read your thoughts here.¬† (I’ll be on a bus coming back from a few days in DC, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to hear it on the radio or not.)


Primary season spirals out of control

Just a few months ago, it seemed certain that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination and be going up against Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, or Marco Rubio.  But now?

Mrs. Clinton¬†is on the decline¬†amid cries of “Run, Joe (Biden), run!”: ¬†¬†

Donald Trump is doing a lot better than expected:

But this guy doesn’t think things are as different as they seem:

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