The Iran Deal: Security or Sellout?

Iran and the United States are enemies, and not pretending to be anything else.  Yet President Obama and the western allies just made an agreement with Iran–not a treaty, but an agreement among executives–allowing Iran some nuclear capability and some lifting of punitive sanctions in exchange for Iran agreeing to close monitoring to make sure it does not get capability for a nuclear bomb.  Good deal or bad?

Good, according to the Obama administration:

Bad, according to former vice-president Dick Cheney:


2 thoughts on “The Iran Deal: Security or Sellout?

  1. Margaret Layne

    This is a very tenuous and imperfect situation. There is not really an exact answer or solution as to how to deal with this Middle East Nation. I however believe that this deal is the best under the circumstances and would still allow some checks and balances on Iran. The other option is outright war. This would only boost and confirm to those in this area that are so hostile to the United States, the propaganda that is being spewed that America wants to impose their rule on their nations, and anti-Muslim rhetoric.


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