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Richard Hollis is an British graphic designer that who has a great influence in today's graphic designs and aswell as The history of graphic design .

As an aspiring painter in mid-1950s London, Richard Hollis admired Constructivism and the kalte kunst (cold art) of Swiss artists like Max Bill and Richard Paul Lohse, but at an art teacher’s suggestion he took up graphic design instead, taking on the visual strategies that employ text and images to communicate ideas. Famously part of the team that helped wrestle John Berger’s 1972 BBC series “Ways of Seeing” into a book, Hollis found inspiration in the television format—what had arguably become the predominant way of seeing. At the time, setting images within the relevant parts of text and using a bold sans serif font (to give the text a weight that would echo the series’ emphatic narrator) were, in graphic design.

Richard today counties his journey I. Graphic design in an amazing way the will influence graphic fleshing a students like us for generations to come.

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