Graphic Design principles 1 /cont Assignement 1: A View from my window Final Step – Paper Cutout



Paper cut bristol Pad with black paper
Paper cut bristol Pad with black paper

Hello …

This the last post sadley in the view from my window serious… however there are many more projects to come.

This part of the assignemt was to create Cut Paper Compositions out of black paper to make a contrast with the white 14×17″ Bristol Board, Using my inked thumbnail compositions as a guide, I created 4 figure-ground  relationships (2 stable, 2 ambiguous) .

this part of the assignment of hardest to do but the most rewarding for to have my first peice ever of art work done.

I’m really proud of it , and the reviws i got from other classmates where very posative , and they loved my work as much as i loved my work. There is a few things i would have done diffrenty but i guess with paractice and my passsion i will do just fine in this class.

Another fellow Classmates Worked i really adored was the work of  Sineah O’mahony. I loved her drawing and it was such an inspiration to me. Everything in the her project i belive is the perfect outcome for the project .

The element in her project showed the i belive perfect relationship between posative and negative space .  her Ambigous figures challenged me to find the focus point and her stable images were easy for me to find. Her art work was very pleasing and i can see a very high level of craftman ship.


Till the next Assignemt

Live, Love & Desgin

– Amera

1 thought on “Graphic Design principles 1 /cont Assignement 1: A View from my window Final Step – Paper Cutout

  1. Great effort, Amera! I loved to seeing your reworked inked thumbnails. Those iterations are evident in your final cut paper comps. The top left cutpaper (skyline) comp, which I’m guessing was intended to a stable f/g relationship, ended up slightly ambiguous. Compare to your original inked thumbnail to see the difference. 🙂 Great work on the blog and your thoughtful assessments.

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