Entry #13: Democracy Meeting

As members of NYPIRG, we not only attended meetings with our supervisor, but we have to attend to meetings with another supervisor of the NYPIRG program. That meant interns had to attend not only chapter meetings but also student leader meetings that were ran by supervisor Kevin Dugan. In these student leader meetings, all of the interns have to attend all of the meetings that are mandatory to go to. For example, one of the student meetings we had to attend was called the “democracy meeting”. During the democracy meetings, we discussed issues relating to political issues. One example talked about voter registration passing an act or Bill that the higher-ups would approve. They also discussed what can we do as a group when it comes to making changes or spreading awareness toward political issues.
A prime example would be making the assembly members sponsor the bill for the John R Lewis Voting Rights Act. To get that message across, we have to call our nearest Senate within our area or call the governor person like Kathy Hochul with a script we must read saying how this bill needs to be passed for whatever reason being. Even though I do not enjoy making phone calls to the people who run the government system in New York, it is part of my job to make sure that they are doing their jobs right so the population doesn’t be affected by it negatively.