Entry #11: Period Documentary

Thursday April 14th at 12:30 p.m. was the last of the menstrual product Drive event and to end it off, nypirg had a documentary showing related to menstrual health issues. This documentary was called Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation. The documentary tells stories of many females across the globe dealing with the crisis of menstrual inequality as well as period poverty, and lack of accessibility to menstrual products. The documentary also explained how these females were able to make changes within that issue by being the voice, innovators and an activist so other females don’t have to go through those struggles. It also showed to a degree where it doesn’t affect their lives severely in the long run as well as spreading the word globally on Menstrual Equity. These are women as well as girls who are telling their experiences of menstrual struggles were coming from 3rd world countries like Mumbai, Africa, the United States, the UK, etc.

After the documentary, Jenna and the rest of the interns have to talk for 10 minutes about what we learned after watching the documentary. From what I’ve seen, I learned that every issue needs to be addressed no matter how big or small it is because if we don’t get addressed them as soon as possible, it will cause a lot of chaos worldwide. I would never expect having no access to tampons or tampons, in general, would gradually be a big problem where it has caused many uproars throughout the nation. But then again, female problems were never addressed anyways so I wasn’t surprised at all knowing that society has been treating females unfairly here and there. Nobody male or female should not go through any type of struggles when it comes to getting products that is a necessity that we all must have to prevent accidents that comes from our natural bodies.