Entry #10: New Deal 4 CUNY March

On March 6th, CUNY and SUNY advocates from different schools joined together on this day to have a March based on the New Deal 4 CUNY bill in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. So, what is the New Deal 4 CUNY? The New Deal 4 CUNY is a state bill by the New York State Legislature to increase the ratio of faculty and mental health counselors to full-time students and requires certain amounts of tuition to be replaced by federal, state, and city funds.

As I arrived at the New Deal 4 CUNY March, I noticed how crowded the area was and had people of all ages. This included people my age, kids, parents, and elders. I’ve also noticed government officials like NYC Counselor Higher Education Chair Eric Dinowitz, NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes and Brooklyn Councilmember Justin Brannan attended the March and made their speeches based on the New Deal 4 CUNY bill and event. After 2 hours of many individuals speaking about the deal, the real event began. What I’m referring to was the march itself which was the best of the event. The crowd marched across the Brooklyn Bridge and back chanting passed the New Deal bill. As a result of the March happening, on March 10th, the New York City Council passed a resolution which is a very good start for a new beginning for all college students across New York State.

Overall, I am glad that I participated in this March knowing we the people have made it possible to make sure their message was not only bring awareness, but also delivered the message to the higher-ups to make changes when it comes to having a better educational system, but also a better college lifestyle for all students no matter the age, race, and gender.