Transparency Project

This project was one of the best projects I’ve ever done of all projects I’ve done!!!!!! This was such an interesting experience just seeing how everything fell together!!!!!!!! Although I have had some difficulty with certain parts of the areas of this process, it turned out to be better than what I’ve expected. I never knew that transparency would be such an interesting process even when it’s not REALISTICALLY transparent. It’s cool that even a solid color can look transparent because of the mixtures it involves.

The process was fairly interesting because it was an experiment that stood out for itself. This was such a pleasuring time to spend on this project! I would’ve loved to do something that involved more simple colors, instead of focusing so much on mixtures.

Color Triangle Project

The color wheel was a difficult process to deal with. Not only was I trying to do the color patterns to accomplish certain colors, but some colors just didn’t cooperate. I ended up using more paint than needed while mainly struggling with the greens. Other shades were a struggle as well, and of course I didn’t get the colors how I wanted them to look! It’s just a process, but I expected better from the tools I put to use.

I feel like this project was exhausting, and not as exciting compared to being done with it afterwards. Although this was stressful, it was surely not as bad as I thought towards the end of the process. Even though this was a different project that I haven’t worked on with any other class I’ve taken in the past, it was an interesting and different project for me to deal with.

Color Triangle Project

The color mixing for this project was simple, yet tricky at the same time. The purple didn’t come out how I would’ve wanted it to, and the orange didn’t cooperate simply because yellow was tricky. It seemed like overtime I mixed yellow with a color, it would constantly drown and not allow itself to come to life. The color matching was debatable due to the area I was in when painting certain spots in regards to determining the accuracy of the color itself. I did do some testers because I was interested in how it would turn out after its drying process.

So far, it would be deceiving because it ends up being in a different tone/shade area than it actually is. Overall, the color project was fun because I got to experience different mixtures and how it would turn out at the end. It was so much more relieving to deal with compared to the color wheel. Less flexibility was necessary for this project, because again, the amount of colors. But more flexibility because of the mixing process.

Texture Project

The texture process of transferring from the physical aspects to paper was challenging. Getting the right pieces was the most challenging especially. Towards the coloring process, that’s when it became more relaxing and I feel like the coloring process was more neater than the transferring process. This project took a while to construct because of the amount of time and work it required. But the overall result of it turned out amazing!

I would’ve liked to see how this would’ve turned out without such specific requirements. Although I do understand why it is like this, it still could’ve had the potential to be different if it had more black or more white. The project was an enjoyable experience and I’m glad I got to be part of it.

Logo Project

I honestly didn’t like this process because I didn’t feel any versatility. I didn’t have that many options to see what I could do with my logo, nor do different effects with it (ex: 3D). I didn’t like the program itself. I would’ve rather used Photoshop to do everything else I wanted to do than to use a program that didn’t help me with my visual ideas. The process of uploading the logos was horrible because it was very technical and included specific steps rather than having more way to do uploads.

On the brighter side, I like how the logo turned out, especially with the placement of it on the items. It was challenging to do, but worth it at the same time. If I had variety of options to do what was necessary to accomplish this assignment, I would’ve went somewhere. It was somewhat entertaining, and somewhat frustrating at the same time.

Lines Project

The Project at first was a little boring because doing basic lines was nothing to me. I did different patterns, ideas, etc. It was confusing because I thought it was group work, but turns out it ended up being individual work. The line experiences were of course challenging to come up with because of certain things I could and couldn’t do.

The challenge was iffy to me. It was challenging mainly because I feel like it would’ve been more outside the box if I could be more diverse with the lines. Rather than being parallel, it would’ve been interesting to see how our work would’ve turned out if it wasn’t in different directions. The results of the lines would’ve been more eye catching, had I added a pop of color besides black. But overall, I didn’t necessarily see the point of this assignment, it was more so a project to me.


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