Introduction to Mechanics

This is the open educational resource site for Introductory Mechanics.  Here you will find lecture notes, examples from the movies, and homework assignments.  Also you can download this current class syllabus.

Class Schedule

Week Topic Lab
1 Introducing Physics Orientation experimental errors and data analysis
2 Kinematics in One Dimension Instantaneous velocity and uniformly accelerated motion
3 Vectors; Kinematics in Two Dimensions Addition of vectors and the force table
4 Dynamics; Newton's Laws of Motion Free Fall
5 Forces; Universal Gravity Newton’s Second Law
6 Work and Energy Application of Newton’s second law: centripetal force
7 Conservation of Energy Conservation of mechanical energy; the force of gravity
8 Linear Momentum and Collisions Verification of work-energy theorem
9 Rotational Motion Conservation of linear momentum
10 Static Equilibrium Ballistic pendulum
11 Fluids Simple harmonic motion
12 Oscillations The simple pendulum
13 Heat and Temperature; kinetic theory of gases Torsion pendulum
14 Thermodynamics Boyle’s law
15 Review and Final Exam Oral presentation

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