1. Find the frequency of a tuning fork that takes 2.50 ms to complete one oscillation?
  2. A stroboscope is set to flash every 80.0 μs . What is the frequency of the flashes?
  3. A diver on a diving board is undergoing simple harmonic motion. Her mass is 55.0 kg and the period of her motion is 0.800 s. The next diver is a male whose period of simple harmonic oscillation is 1.05 s. What is his mass if the mass of the board is negligible?
  4. A 0.500-kg mass suspended from a spring oscillates with a period of 1.50 s. How much mass must be added to the object to change the period to 2.00 s?
  5. How long does it take a child on a swing to complete one swing if her center of gravity is 4.00 m below the pivot?
  6. Two parakeets (each of mass 130g) sit on a swing with their combined center of mass 10.0 cm below the pivot. At what frequency do they swing?
  7. A 3.5g bullet is fired at 350m/s into a 0.75kg block attached to an unstretched spring. The block begins to oscillate in the horizontal direction with an amplitude 0.35m. What will be the angular frequency of the oscillations?