About Me

My name is Alvaro Sobrino Gonzalez

I was born in Madrid, Spain on January 22nd, 1991

I came to New York with my wife and my dog in October 2015. We decided to move because there were no jobs in Spain due to the bad economic situation. Given the opportunity to live in this country and start a new life, I decided to continue my studies. I took the TASC/GED at the Queens Library and received my high school equivalency diploma shortly after. Receiving my HSE diploma motivated me to go to college.

As a child and teenager I practiced water sports such as water polo and swimming, competing with other teams in national championships. As a team we would travel from one city to another for every competition which gave me the possibility to visit those places and sparked my initial interest in traveling and tourism.

I have always been passionate about selling, negotiating and building relationships. When I was 13 I was fascinated with computers and in particular with the internet. Exploring the World Wide Web I found a website where I was able to buy electronic products directly from the supplier at much lower prices than the retail stores. I started out by opening an account on eBay, using this as my platform to sell about 80% of products while selling 20% to classmates and friends. That helped me to learn about customer service and marketing and influenced my interest in opening my own business.

When I was 18, I dropped my studies for family reasons and started working at a Galician food truck. During this experience I polished my previous skills and learned new skills, most of them focused on food preparation and cooking techniques as well as service skills. In one of the places where we sold food, we stood in front of a Customer Technology products store called Media Markt. One day I decided to apply for a position there. About two days after applying I got called for an interview and was hired by the company. My first position in the store was as a part-time IT Specialist. I am very tech savvy which helped me to learn fast and manage the whole installation process on my own. After about 3 months my supervisor noticed my ability to inform about the products and sell and as a result I was promoted to Sales Associate working directly with the customers. Shortly after, I was promoted to Sales and Customer Service Representative. I ended up working at this store for almost 6 years. With this experience I learned a lot of management and leadership skills.

Throughout my life I have been able to visit different countries and learn about a variety of cultures, traditions and cuisine. These countries include United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. I would like to expand that list while at the same time working in the tourism industry.