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  1. There are two types of research methods which psychologists can deduct one is basic research and the other is applied research. Basic research is research that tries to find new knowledge to accomplish scientific understanding. And applied research is which scientists conducts experiments to solve practical problems and improve daily lifestyle. However it is essential and important for all psychologists to follow the scientific methods when conduction research. The basic of all scientific research is to state a theory or a hypothesis. After that it is required to approach the hypothesis by doing experiment. The experiment is done by following several procedures. As the experiment is being done data and results will follow through. Later psychologists will have to analyse the results and data to draw a conclusion.

  2. Health psychology is the study of thoughts, feelings, and actions.
    When we use the scientific method, we make an observation, ask a question, if the hypothesis doesn’t work, try again, do research, analyze results, and see if you’ve gained support on your hypothesis.

  3. Health psychology is concerned with the psychological impact of health related behaviors. The bio psychosocial model views health and illness as the product of biological characteristics such as genes, behavioral factors, health beliefs, social and cultural conditions. Health psychology is wanting to know how biological. psychological, environment and cultural factors are involved in physical health and prevention of illness. Health psychologist look into nutrition, exercise, healthcare utilization and medical decision making. They want to prevent and treat illness. There is a part of health psychology known as critical health psych. This deals with the distribution of power and the impact of power differentials on health behaviors, healthcare systems and health policy. It prioritizes social justice and the universal right to provide good health for people of all races genders and ages and socioeconomic positions. A major concern is health inequity and the critical health psychologist acts as an agent for change to create equal access to health care. The biopsychosocial model infers that the mind and the body are inseparable. That mental health biology and mental health psychology and sociocultural environment which is the social world determine the course of health related outcomes. The biological influence is just not genetics and genetics can be changes and adapted to over the years. But genetics is physical trauma, nutrition, harmones and toxins. And most genetics are inherited. psychological influences on health include lack of self control, emotional turmoil and negative thinking these are all risk factors for depression.

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