3 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. Race is a sociological concept, however many people do not believe this. The biology becomes an excuse for social differences. However, we are genetically very similar. We live in a racial society. Race is a human invention.

  2. We have learned here that race is just not phenotype, the observable characteristics traits and behaviors of a group or individuals. And more to do with a person genetics. Race has to do with common heritage or physical characteristics. or superficial physical characteristics. The idea of race has changed across cultures and eras. However now we know that race is not biologically identifiable. Race is a social construct but manifest materialy in peoples lives. through institutionalization and discrimination. If you equate race with superiority like the arian race groups than you have socioeconomical suffering for the disadvantaged groups. These groups feel disadvantaged or oppressed. They are also seen as morally inferior as well. race is a social contruct not a biological one. racism is when people think that different traits justify discrimination. racism can be expressed. health psychologist may be concerned with structural racism which are inequalities built into an organization or a system. It deals with the systems that disproportionately benefit or disadvantage a particular racial group. and cultural racism where the assumption of the inferiority of one or more races is embraced by the culture of a given society. like the cast system in india. Racism affects how health services and treatment are distributed amongst different races.

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