2 thoughts on “Week Eleven

  1. Fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system. people don’t really know the cause of it. Fibromylgia affects both women and men but, women are affected in a higher risk. those who are suffered by fibromylgia will feel fatigue, sleep disorders, bladders issues, vision problem, chest pain, urinary problem etc. one of the treatments for Fibromylgia is exercise.

  2. With Fobromyalgia pain is the most common symptom. Due to the plethora of medications that these people take it is important for them to explore non pharmacological treatments for pain in conjuction with their pain medicines like. meditation, massage, heat therapy which decreases pain and muscle spasms, ice with decreases swelling and pain, aromatherapy which uses scents to relax you, and relives stress. guided imagery which helps you to put pleseant pictures in your mind to distract you and lessen the pain, listening to music releases endorphins put you in a good mood distracts you and lessens the pain, self hypnoisis helps you to direct your attention to something other than pain.

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