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Blog 1 Response

Occupying Public Space” by Frank and Huang and “The Office of the People” by Golans, have similar topics in which people assemble in public spaces and utilizes the space to form new institutions on their own terms. The adaptive use of Zuccotti Park in which speeches and communications to passersby on Broadway. As more people began to join over time, more activities began to contribute to the life in the park. The protestors created a noise problem for the residents living in the area. Therefore, was a negotiation made between the local community board and the protestors to appease both parties. Depending on how the space is used; the power over the use of space is either the law or the people. Cultural intervention discussed by Van Heeswijk in “The Artist Will Have to Decide Whom to Serve”, engages to the people who wants to bring change as well as improvement in hierarchy.