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After listening to the Audio Interference 47: Lower Eastside Community Gardens from what I heard NYC’s lower east side was in a deep economic crisis after the war, the city turned to the government for a bailout. The gov. denied. so they turned to private banks to get the help. and so budget cuts had to be made to make up for the money. the city was left untaken cared of. the site became very dangerous. then people started using the vacant lots as gardens to grow their food, plan events etc. there is a conflict between who owns the gardens, either the city or the people. so there were issues between the residents and the city, court cases and movements were made to save the gardens from being destroyed by the new owners or the city. sustainability has made a transition between the city before it wasn’t well liked but now it is the second main attraction when it comes to traveling the city. through a museum, they are trying to tell the story of how it happens. and its history for the new landlords and all people who arrive at the gardens.

After watching the view The next epoch from an environmentalist point of view it gave me a perspective of how a vacant lot can have a good impact on the neighboorhood and the city. the unwanted plants are survivalist that can adapt to the living condition on of the state. since the global impact, these plants can serve as a good filter for the everyday carbon produced by machines and buildings. their point after seeing the video is to hopefully grab some of the native seeds and plant them in the native vacant lands. because they can survive, despite the environment. they emphasize on the native plants because they are unwanted to humans, but it turns out they have a lot of use for us as well.

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