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Occupying Public Space by Frank and Huang and Golans’ The Office of the People discusses the topic of using a public space to form an institution within a public spot. I.E a public park, or in this case Occupy Wall Street they would set up at 60 Wall Street and rally around the clock. This turned Wall Street from a public spot, to an institution without any restrictions or barriers to keep them out, because this was a public spot. People within this spot were able to voice their opinions, and ideas without restrictions. Both readings help articulate the usage and interaction of public spaces. It draws upon the idea the invisible “house” in which a public space can provide; granted how you set it up and use it. Occupy Wall Street is an example of exhibiting this idea. They rallied at Zuccotti Park, which become the meeting spot for the duration of this protest. Both readings in a general sense talk about the use of public spaces, and how you can create a institution within the confines of the public spot, when used correctly.

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  1. Christopher Swift

    Not much about the Golan and van Heeswijk readings in your response. It’s important to read all three to compare how each treats the idea of negotiation (they do it in different ways). Also, read carefully and stay attentive to the facts. Zuccotti is not a public space owned and managed by the City. Rather, it is a privately-owned space (with very particular guidelines for public use) — a fact that allowed occupiers to stay as long as they did.


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