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Seventh 100 Word Reflection: GIS and one GIS Graphic

(Pictured above is a GIS exercise I completed)

GIS has been and still is a very influential and liable tool from the time it was born in 1963, to today and probably will be the king of all tools for as long as humanity continues to reconstruct the space we live in and as long as we need a reliable source to pull out information on a region we are researching or working on. Over the years GIS and the purposes for GIS has transformed, but its transformations have been used to better serve the community as almost everyone uses GIS.

Sixth 100 Word Reflection: Hypothesis about Vinegar Hill 1820-1870

My group and I arrived at many conclusions on Vinegar Hill from 1820-1870. We believe during that time, the Ferry Lines refocused the neighborhood, and when photography was introduced in 1839 that changed how every thing was documented and collected. We also believe that during that time, the government of Brooklyn were the wealthy land owners in Brooklyn , and they made sure the government was ran how they wanted it to be and everything favored them. And as far as documentation goes we think that population, jobs, money, buildings, were some of the collected things with the exception of  the slave population.

Fifth 100 Word Reflection: Robert Moses Papers

The Robert Moses Papers are first divided into sixteen series, in addition to some of them being alphabetized and others being put in chronological order.  The materials included range from correspondence, speeches, memorandum, press releases, reports, plans, photographs, clippings, and public records. There are three ways to gain access to using these resources and those three ways are to either physically go to the New York Public Library Archives and Manuscripts, the address is listed on the website, request access to the collection, there is a hyperlink provided on the website, or to get some of the work on microfilm.

Pre-Site Visit Reflection 2

Since I have already took my very first trip to Vinegar Hill and that anticipation is over, the next thing is what area my focus will be drawn to. We have visited a lot of interesting and great potential places to dig into the history of, yet I’m not all that quite sure about what space I want and I know that soon I have to be sure of what I will be doing my semester project on. I hope to use this next visit as an opportunity to make a decision on what particular area my attention and interest draws to the most. I am looking forward to our site visit tomorrow.

Fourth 100 Word Reflection: RECAP-Loingsigh

The Loingsigh article is a credible source. He got word of this old town and he didn’t just take his grandparents word for it, he made it his mission to prove that this town actually did exist. The way he went about finding that information was carefully sought out. He didn’t look to collect more oral stories, he went into books and records, and he extracted the information, allowing him to then match up the written words to what was currently present, and proved that this town did exist in the 1900’s. All of this makes the article very reliable.