Finding Aid Analysis: Robert Moses Papers

How are the papers organized?

16 “Series”

â—¦Series 1. Personal and “Library” Correspondence

â—¦Series 2. Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

â—¦Series 3. Emergency Public Works Commission

â—¦Series 4. Office of the City Construction Coordinator

â—¦Series 5. New York Gubernatorial Campaign

â—¦Series 6. New York City Department of Parks

â—¦Series 7. New York State Constitutional Convention

â—¦Series 8. Long Island State Park commission

â—¦Series 9. New York State Council of Parks

â—¦Series 10. New York State Power Authority

â—¦Series 11. Committee on Slum Clearance

â—¦Series 12. New York World’s Fair, 1964-1965, Inc

â—¦Series 13. Housing

â—¦Series 14. Speeches

â—¦Series 15. Printed Matter

â—¦Series 16. Photographs


What kinds of materials are included?

The collection consists of speeches , correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, plans, clippings, photographs, and other printed matter. These all document the career of Robert Moses

How could you access these resources?

One must give advanced notice to the archive, and go to:

Manuscripts and Archives Division

Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, New York, NY 10018-2788

Brooke Russell Astor Reading Room, Third Floor, Room 328

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