RECAP criteria Post # 4

After reading “The power of family lore: uncovering Brooklyn’s ‘Auld Irishtown’” by Eamon Loingsigh, I found it very interesting and informative. I would not use this as a source for a research project, but instead use it to pull other sources from the article. The article may have relevance to the topic of Downtown Brooklyn and Vinegar Hill, but much of what the author bases his research on was through word of mouth from his grandparents. He states there was no official mentioning of Irishtown in the municipal Archives.The author’s expertise comes from his own three years of personal research. Loingsign mentioned that he was writing a trilogy of books called “Auld Irishtown”, so the purpose of this article may serve as advertisement for the release of these books.

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  1. Nora Almeida

    Yes, I think that while Loingsign’s article is informative and research-based, it may not be a good source for a research project–because it is personal and narrative and because it serve, in part, as an advertisement for his own books.


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