My name is Alina Madenberg and I am currently enrolled at New York City College of Technology. My major is Graphic Advertising, and my goal is to achieve a bachelors in Communication Design. I am not yet sure if I want to pursue the creative or the business part of the industry. I have always thought how amazing it is how people, come up with the concepts and drawings to advertise, illustrations for advertisements, and painting a picture for everyone else; either to inspire, motivate, push us to buy something or just to inform us. How the process moves from the idea, to the words, to the drawing, to the typography, and then how it could be more attractive to the human eye.
I became interested in this field when I was in Cavallaro Jr. High School and took art classes. We looked at different artists, while looking for a meaning in their work. We also looked at commercials to try and uncover the appeal they had. The billboards we pass by on the road are the ones that really catch my eye, because there is always something there to drag your attention to them, either something bright, or something that stands out, even maybe a really attractive person. Even on magazines like People, or Us, they have the bright and bold lettering with the top stories on celebrities. Those magazines spark our interest to buy it or even just pick it up and read it, along with seeing the interesting pictures. I am very excited to be pursuing this field and learning how exactly a simple picture, can translate into a message and everything else this field has to offer.