Journal Entry #1

The Lady, or The Tiger?

       The lover, shocked that he has to make this decision, follows the King and the Princess to the room. With expressionless faces, ten guards followed the three to the same room. The guards were instructed to be there by the King to make sure nothing goes wrong. Each guard were armed with spears and dressed in full steel armor. Once everyone was set, the King reiterated what the lover has to do.

“You have two doors in front of you. One door has the tiger, which will kill you, and the other door has my daughter, whom you can have for the rest of your life.” the King told the lover.

       The Princess stood standing there, scared out of her mind hoping he would choose the right door. The lover steps up to the middle of both doors. Each door has a number printed above the door, number one and number two. The lover peeks into the first door and sees the silhouette of the Princess. He looks back to the King and the Princess meanwhile she is anxious about his decision. The lover proceeds to the next door and looking inside of it, he also sees the silhouette of the princess. He looks back at the King and notices that the King has an evil grin. The lover knew he was up to no good once the offer came up.

“Why did you do this?” asked the lover.

“Choose wisely, sir” the King responded.

       The lover goes back to the first door. Positive he is about to win the heart of the Princess, he enters the door. In this all white room, nothing happens after he closes the door. Although he can leave the room again, he decides to stay inside. A few minutes pass and the lover finally notices something. The silhouette was slowly transforming into the tiger. The tail, head, paws, and body were starting to jump out of the ground, ready to pounce on him any minute now. The lover starts walking backwards and and slowly opens the door. The princess, who sees the tiger creeping up on the love of her life, runs to the rescue.

       “No!” The Princess screams. She jumps in front of the lover at the same time the tiger tries to attack him. The tiger attacks the Princess, ultimately killing her. The feline ripped to shreds the Princess’ clothing and her body was no where near recognizable. The King, in disbelief, breaks down and faints. The guards escort the lover to the entrance of the castle and specifically make him not say a word about this or else. The lover will never forget about the girl he truly loved.

Journal Entry #2

Alice in Wonderland Flowchart

       Using a flowchart is a way to know what goes on in a book, game, or movie. There are different types of flowcharts being used all around the world. Two types of flowcharts that can be used, to know the sequence of events, in a book are Freytag’s triangle (or pyramid) and the hero’s circle.

To be continued..