Visually Enhanced Quotes

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”


First Visual Quote:

The quote is to encourage the reader. I chose the picture of a person jumping on top of a mountain/hill. I chose this image because it goes along with the quote. The quote encourages people to work on their goals. And the person in the image accomplished his/her goal.


Second Visual Quote:

The quote itself is to push the reader into achieving his/her goals. I chose this serif font to show meaning. To visually represent that the quote is wise and that it can encourage people. The photo of the landscape is to visually a person’s goal. That it can be huge like a mountain, but with enough encouragement, s person can accomplish a huge goal. I put the quote on top to catch the readers eye, and their goals can be high in the sky.


Third Visual Quote:

The quote Is to tell the reader to do something with their lives. That whatever they can dream of, they can make it a reality. The image is of a person with their arms in the air. I picked this image to visually represent the quote. It represents to appreciate life and take risks/chances. I chose this sans serif font to capture the readers eye, and to create a calm/friendly quote.