Mid-term Exam

College isn’t worth it because other people think after high school they want to go and look for a job. In this article “College Priceless Value” by Frank Bruni addresses the three subtopic about this article are percentage cut, the debate, and the rating system.

The first subtopic is about the percentage cut. Percentage cut is a big issue in Wisconsin because there is a major report stating that “he recently proposed a 13 percent cut in state support for the University of Wisconsin”. This quote in the article states that the governor in Wisconsin just propped to a 13 percent cut. The government also report the struggle to improve human conditions because it would express concerns for the states work forces. Furthermore, about college is the debate.

The debate about colleges is very long back because students in college don’t want to sit in class and hear a lecture. As Frank Bruni writes “He notes that Thomas Jefferson exalted learning for learning’s sake, while Ben Franklin registered disdain for people who spent too much time in lecture halls”. This quote in the article talks about how students should not spend too much time in the lecture hall maybe because they have other things to do for other classes. Lastly about College Priceless value is the rating system.

The rating system would take accountable and reliable on how colleges would place their graduates into high paying jobs because of their education and their skills and momentum. As Frank Bruni states “Neither he nor Walker is wrong to raise that issue, given the high cost of higher education and the fierce competition in the world”. This quote means how President Obama would take this rating system more serious and reliable for college students to use in the future.

Overall, I think after reading this article college isn’t still worth it because of all the disadvantages that they are providing to college students. Other people might think that college is worth it because reading this article.