Anatomy and Physiology II Lab

BIO2312L – Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory Syllabus

Manual and Course Information:             
All material will be available on this site. Everyone MUST log into the course site. Use our City Tech email address. Course slides will also be available on BlackBoard.

Course Description
This course is a continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I. It covers the study of the structure and function of the cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive and endocrine system, as well as development, metabolism, electrolytes and acid base balance.

Here you will find the topics for each week during the semester. Click on an individual topic to navigate to activities and readings.

Lab 1.     Blood  
Lab 2.    Anatomy of the Heart                                                          
Lab 3.    Cardiovascular Physiology I                                    
Lab 4.    Anatomy of the Blood Vessels and Lymphatic Vessels,       
Lab 5.Cardiovascular Physiology II                          
Lab 6.   Anatomy of the Respiraotry Tract                           
Lab 7.     Respiratory Physiology                                                      
Lab 8.    Anatomy of the Digestive System                              
Lab 9.    Chemical Breakdown of Foodstuffs                                   
Lab 10.  Anatomy of the Urinary System                                 
Lab 11.  Urinalysis                                                              
Lab 12.  Anatomy of the Reproductive System                                   
Lab 13.  Physiology of Reproduction                                             
Lab 14.  Endocrine System