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Internet use by businesses is increasingly expanding. As the general population becomes more dependent on mobile devices to perform daily tasks, businesses are faced with the challenge of meeting the publics demand. Various sectors in industry have made the move to meet these needs. They have Ā created a strong online presence which has allowed them to keep up with the pace of online use. The potential is still out there for other industries to take advantage of.

One such market that can be further exploited is Web 2 print. The print market is not going away but evolving. It’s at this point in it’s evolution that commercial printers need to capitalize on a Web 2 print solution to further expand. The technology that supports this type of venture is no longer a problem. With software solutions and Web 2 print storefronts, businesses can focus on the bottom line rather than lines of code. This is why traditional print vendors should consider Web 2 print platform as means of bring in additional revenue. There are four things businesses need to consider in justifying a Web 2 print solution.

  1. Speed: The buying and selling process online is much faster. As soon as a customer completes an online purchase the order is processed an the printers are off and running. All transactions are handled by the software and can be view online or printed.
  2. Cost effectiveness: Store fronts can be anywhere that legal to conduct business. Customers don’t need to see where they are getting their products from, so businesses can be located in the cheaper parts of town saving on over head. Customer transactions confirmations are sent via email automatically, saving time, paper, the space needed to keep the paper so on and so on. This keeps cost down while keeping profits up.
  3. Broader footprint: Location is no longer important because the internet has no boarders. Traditional Printers are no longer limited to local traffic. Ā Orders can come in locally, out of state, out of country.
  4. Convenience: The customer gets exactly what they want, there is no need for discussion. The Printer can focus on printing said order and shipping it out.

With the ever increasing demand of printed products, Printing companies have to evolve from the traditional means of the brick and mortar store front. Web 2 print is the solution, by providing a web presence for traditional Printing Companies it allows them to castĀ a wider net out into the printer market place.




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