Intership Journal Entry #2


My role in this internship with Professor Taradash, is me working along with her and one of her former interns Daniel Rodriguez to establish and assist her with her career essentials. For example, one of the main things we will be working on this semester is rebuilding and modernizing her website. I managed to develop a connection with Professor Taradash by first being in her Life Drawing class 2 years ago. Then by also assisting her with setting up the student show in the Grace Gallery for the past few semesters. I then signed up for her 3D Design class last Spring and she then stated that she had interns for that semester. After that class I asked her if she was holding interns for the Fall, and since we already had a close connection I thought that it would be appropriate to ask. I was lucky enough to acquire the internship with her just by asking because we have already worked together for the past 2 years almost. However even though all I had to do was ask, it took some time to build up the confidence to ask her since I didn’t know what the internship would require. I am about 2 weeks into my internship right now and it is going very well so far.