Internship Journal Entry #4

So far in this internship even though I am personally not interested in Web Design, I still am learning a lot of things and experiencing things that will help benefit me in my career. I am becoming more familiar with what exactly it is like build yourself and your own career once you graduate school. Taradash was telling me about how she came to establish a name for herself. She told me about her first jobs as an artist as well as her first studio spaces when she started out on her own. These were interesting things to take note of since it will give me an idea of what living as an artist is like as well as tips to better establish a name for myself.  In terms of a typical day for this internship, how it would go is that we would meet up at one of our common locations and we would talk about her website we are trying to redesign. Next we would toss around ideas to each other about the layout photos that should be included, ideas on about the artist, things that should be on the main page etc. Then Daniel and I would sit down and work together to try to narrow things down. We decided that between Daniel and I that I would be more responsible for the aesthetic and design of the layout for the site and he would handle the coding for it.