Internship Journal Entry #3


First Sketch of initial website layout

The workspace of my internship varies almost every time we meet up. There are times we meet at the school, or her studio, or even her apartment. But the overall feeling and vibe of the environments we have been in are relaxed and welcoming. We meet up at whatever time is convenient for all of us and we can come dressed however we feel comfortable. As far as breaks or lunch we can take any kind of unofficial breaks throughout the day. While obviously not for too long and not getting too side tracked, we are able to handle the break situation pretty easily. We usually work anywhere between 2 – 5 hours in a day.

During this time also Daniel, who is the other worker for Prof. Taradash and I arrange our own meeting without Prof. Taradash. We decide to meet up inside the school at a convenient time for us to really sit down, discuss, and research ideas for how we really want to layout and design the site. Once we get the idea of how the homepage will be designed we will able to flow with the rest of the web pages since they will follow if not the same but a similar layout. So Daniel and I sat in the 6th floor computer lab for about two hours bouncing back and forth different ideas and layouts and researching trying to get some inspiration. Eventually we came up a with a concept sketch of the homepage and the plan is to create a rough design of the sketch on illustrator and go over with it with Taradash to see what she thinks.