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  1. Alana Langyel Post author

    Alice Rawsthorn who wrote the New York TImes article “Celebrating a Graphic World” at first references designer Victor Papaneck with stating how that there are not that many real designers out there. She goes on to refer to his book from 1971 “Design for the Real World” how he said that graphic design transistioned from just simple commerical art with people trying to get their logos out there to people pushing people to buy things that they don’t need to impress others who don’t care about what brands they buy or how much money they have. Rawsthorn goes on to talk about an art exhibition in Milan, Italy called “Graphic Design Worlds” where a group of designers created and displayed their work based on self expression and world views rather then for advertisement purposes. Rawsthorn also points out the lack of diverstiy in the graphic desgin world those designers being mostly white males, but also pointed out how graphic design is so much more meaningful and sophisticated than before with the advances in technology making things easier to get across and to produce. I enjoyed reading this article because the “Graphic Design Worlds” exitbit that Rawsthorn introduced in her article really showed that Graphic Design is much more than getting people to buy products. It is also about sharing views and recognizing things in society through forms of art which is something that I am interested in doing.



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