Teaching Philosophy

Effective teaching relies on the depth and breadth of the educator’s knowledge and his ability to articulate and present the knowledge. The area of my teaching expertise encompasses mechanical engineering courses including Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Engineering materials & Manufacturing process. Most of the courses I teach include both theory and lab that comprises with 20-30 students in each course. Curriculum of few of those courses were developed by me as per ABET accreditation and middle state assessment process. I often follow the following philosophies during the instructions-

Philosophy 1– Effective teaching relies mostly on the depth and breadth of the educator and his ability to articulate during the presentation. This should be conducted through a set of guidelines and expected outcomes.

Philosophy 2-It is educator’s responsibility to ensure that the students effectively retain the information and explain how a curriculum design affects the outcome of the contents including engineering process and experimental scheme.

Philisophy3– In the engineering courses the educator can balance the portfolio by introducing projects and practical application/experimental techniques help students learn practical engineering better.

Philisophy4– Students should be able to work together, in a practical team format and they should think independently as well as a team member. They also should be empowered by upholding the responsibility.