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HW 7- Plate design

6 Design for food platter.

Focus on:

  • Enhancement of dining experience: Smell and Sight
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Durable and light

Blooming Plate

1. Blooming Plate

  • In the bud formation, the smell is funneled to a single point.
  • When it blooms, the smell is released.
  • Individual plate
  • Specifically for hot meal.

Compact Stand

2. Compact Confectionery Stand

  • Cylindrical
  • For pastry, confectionery, and any other bite-size food.
  • Easy storage, and setup.

Jack in the Box Platter

3. Jack-in-the-Box Platter

  • Cube shape for easy storage and transport.
  • Panels extends out to form two long platter.

Ferris Wheel

4. Ferris Wheel Platter

  • Platter connected to a moving wheel
  • Setup might be too complicated
  • Sauce is at the axle of the wheel.

Tier Spin Platter

5. Tier-Spin Platter

  • Extended form has three tiers.
  • Circular flat platter with tiers that can be lifted upward.
  • Each tier might spin.

Spinning fountain

6. Spinning fountain.

  • Umbrella-shape with channels at the side for controlled liquid flow.
  • Fountain spins slowly to prevent splash.

HW 3 – Vending Machine


Vending machine with hot(can only) and cold beverage options, as well as a reverse vending option that takes any bottles/cans that are registered with the machine.

Info on touchscreen/user interface:

– price and nutritional information of each drinks

– price for each recycled bottle/can


For every 2 bottle/can recycled, the user can get a free drink.