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  1. Nexmaury Gil says:

    10:00 am – It’s a new day, my first day here in the Dominican Republic and I’m about to have breakfast with my cousins and father. Our first meal was freshly cut plantains from our land, with the traditional white Dominican cheese and ham salami topped diced onions for a great mix of flavor. After breakfast i got ready to walk towards my grandmothers house.

    12:00 pm – At my grandmothers house, she just served me and my cousins some hot Avena she always makes in the morning. Our afternoon meal is ready, since in DR we eat 3 times a day it was around this time we have the second serving. Our plate includes seasoned rice locrio de arroz with pasta and a bowl of shopped cabbage and cucumber with vinegar oil. The meal was great it filled me up for the day and washed it all down with water.

    2:00 pm – Relaxing in my grandmothers patio after two meals, think about how the house changed since i was little. Feeling very nostalgic about everything around me, as the air smells the same and all the vegetation and roads, houses looked untouched. i see from the patio familiar faces and places.

    4:00 pm – On my uncles motor bike, we left town into the city now. On our way here i saw the plantations and new pot holes on the road. Here in the city we drove around the area new stores appear everything looks more modern then since last time i came. we stopped at a Chinese places that sells Dominican food and fires. We got water for me I’m still not used to this tropical weather but it was nice.

    7:00 pm – Back home at my house, my cousin is cooking dinner for the night. We had plenty of plantains and ham salami, so she served us just that with some fried eggs sprinkled with a bit of salt and ice tea. The family is having fun, i feel comfortable like a real vacation just started.

    9:00 pm – I was stuffed and i headed off to bed as it is usual to sleep very early in DR compared to New York. Had to set up net over our bed to cover ourselves from mosquito at night, not convenient but effective.

    9:00 am – Is a new day again and my cousin is already making breakfast again. My grandfather pick out some more fresh plantains again, we’re have them with scrambled eggs and fried salami, the aroma from the dish as it was being mad was just so nostalgic and amazing. I went out to pick apples from my apple tree in front of my house, they look very different from the ones you buy in New York at the market, naturally sweeter too.

    11:00 am – Walked to grandma’s house again, i drink my big cup of Avena and eat some egg made bread with it, it was very nice. My grandmother is preparing more food for the afternoon. This time is the commonly made white rice and beans with chicken on the side with cabbage, still one of my favorites it doesn’t get old.

    1:00 pm – DR doesn’t get old either, I walk towards my aunts house in my area, the sun is blazing today. I walk down s decently steep hill down the road, i felt like i just done this so many times before when i was little, the geography filled me with excitement.

    2:00 pm – The ice cream lady is passing by our area, perfect for the hot day. Me and my cousins bought some cold quimalitos, i got the coconut flavor as it is my favorite my cousins got the batata flavor that one is really good too. We walk back the our grandma’s house for some cooling off under the shade of the big tree planted in the yard.

    4:00 pm – My uncle and cousins drive down to the river near my house. We dip in the water a bit since the river is clean, my uncle catches a fish with his bare hands it was impressiveness. Next week we’re going out to the beach up in Boca chica, unlike NY the beach has water that’s not too cold and turquoises colored, just gorgeous really.

    8:00 pm – Is the end of the day again, we just ate some Guineo with fried eggs as for dinner it was quick but because it was delicious. Our family is in in our patio, we’re starting a game of domino in the garage. I’m sitting in the grass looking up at the dark sky and acknowledging all the many stars in the sky and the bright moon in the distance, it tells me I’m far from home but not really.

  2. 36 Hours in New York City


    SMITH 9th Street BRUNCH
    1). One of those greatest beauties that this city has to offer is tall buildings and wonderful views. I started my day with some brunch with my friend, Jessie, at Smith 9th Street. We made omelets filled with cheese, bits of sausage, scallions and a side of potatoes, and also French toast. The brunch was especially good thanks to the paired mimosa. Since I have decided to do prepare and eat the brunch at my friends job; eating breakfast in a loft with beautiful scenery over looking the Brooklyn Bridge would be perfect.

    Prospect Park Zoo
    2). Brooklyn’s very own zoo, always packed full of children on school trips, family’s, and of course all the different species that make their home within the zoo. After a few mimosa’s I had been feeling rather uplifted and my anxiety and fear of recklessness faded away; I was ready to explore. I took my friend Stacye by the hand and we explored every part of the zoo. Although a lot of the animals were sleeping I was still able to see the animal that I had made this journey to visit, the Fennec Fox.
    (450 Flatbush Ave; 718-399-7339; http://www.Prospectparkzoo.com).

    8:00 PM
    Kawaii Sushi
    3). After all that walking and laughing my appetite peaked, I was hungry, but today I wanted to do something different so on my way home I decided that id go grab some sushi, but not by myself. Neatly hidden within a little plaza lies Kawaii Sushi located at (153rd Ave, Howard Beach; 718-848-6888; http://www.kawaiisushihowardbeach.com). I ordered a kawaii roll, eel baguettes, beef negimaki, and honeydew bubble tea.


    The Comfort Diner
    4). The comfort diner serves up traditional American comfort food as well as some of the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten at a diner. The environment wasn’t stuffy surprisingly, even though it was packed with hungry New Yorkers knowing that this was the gold mine of and breakfast to go to. I ordered some hash browns, waffles, egg with cheese and onions, orange juice, and a side of mac and cheese after this ill probably has to lose the 2-4 pounds I just gained from this delicious meal. ( E 45th Street; 212-867-4555).

    5). Street stalls the smell of food, fish, and oil. Welcome to Chinatown. I’ve decided to spend most of the day here due to the fact that it was a place that I can closely relate to even as a kid. I would come here with my friends and explore with my friends, gabbing rice balls and bubble tea and later going out to find the best dumplings the town had to offer. I started off at Yaya’s Tea Garden (51 Chrystie Street, 212-226-8803; yayatea.com). Yaya’s is always crowded when I arrived and with school children, sometimes the line is out the door and people wait boy do they wait. I ordered 3 chicken rice balls, 1 shrimp rice ball, and a salmon rice ball and I paired it with a second chance bubble tea, which was delicious. I made my way to Columbus park afterwards to eat, as I ate I watched a group of people played soccer and later I met up with some friends and watched them skate around the rubbly streets.

    Ajisen Ramen
    6). Ajisen one of the few ramen restaurants that I would actually travel to Manhattan to eat at. The menu is vast offering all types of noodles and also has a large selection of sushi and appetizers but many commonly offered at restaurants serving Japanese fare. I ordered a bowl of ajisen ramen and 1 spicy tuna roll, as well as 1 spicy salmon roll. We sat and ate for quite some time then we made our way back home around 9:50PM on the crowded trains.


    7). I woke up rather late today and decided to not travel for breakfast instead a late brunch…. again but this time at home. My brother and myself just made simple scrambled eggs with toast and ice tea I weird mix. I sat at home for awhile and watched anime till about the late afternoon, I wasn’t feeling well at all, I was drained but content to finish my work and so I planned the last day around my neighborhood.

    Vito Locascio Field
    8). I met up with a few friends to play a few games of handball. This park is located near the north conduit near Ozone Park (my neighborhood). I would come to this park to play handle ball and skate when I was finally allowed to go out on my own, but I would always come here with my fiends to enjoy time together. I remember I once came to this park to bomb a hill (ride down a hill via. long board) on New Years Day, it turned out to be a bad day because my boozy self-full of self accomplishment saw it fit and able and easily achievable, nonetheless I tumbled off my board and sustained many scars on both my arms and legs, a good lesson to remind myself; safety always.

    Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas
    9). Today was a good day to go see Captain America: Civil War and unfortunately the theater was packed and I had to search for a seat. This theater is usually not crowded at all it is the first time I’ve experienced this cluster but I wasn’t ready to given in and head home; I found a seat. The movie was phenomenal I love superhero movies and this one took the cake, comedy, action and multiple scenarios that put a smile on my face. After this I later told a few friends and who later went to see the movie. Heading out the theater I made my way home, threw my headphones on and saw a beautiful girl on the way; life is good.

  3. 36 Hours in Rockaway Beach
    By Alison McGovern

    10am: Whether you’re traveling from Penn Station or JFK Airport, you’ll likely be arriving in the Rockaways on the train everyone loves to hate, the A Train. At this hour on a sunny Saturday morning, the platforms and train cars are packed wall to wall with beach goers, like yourself. When you arrive to your stop, at Beach 97th Street- Playland, your hotel is just steps from the el. The Playland Motel, named for the amusement park that was, is one of the many locations that opened as part of Rockaway’s post-Hurricane Sandy revival. It has a number of rooms on its second floor, each decorated with unique artwork by local artists. The main level has a restaurant with a bar.

    12pm: After settling into your room, you can head back downstairs to the bar for one of the best brunches on the beach. My brothers and I always go for the chicken and waffles, but there are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to choose from. Make it a boozy brunch and try one of Playland’s specialty cocktails, or try a tasty craft beer like Ommegang or Rockaway Ale. Although you are technically in NYC, you won’t be paying NYC prices for food or drinks here. A small restaurant with a lot of character, Playland is perfect for groups of all ages. You can’t go wrong here!

    2pm: A five minute walk under the el, while not the most scenic route, but the fastest, will bring you to Thai Rock, a restaurant and bar owned and operated by Robert and his wife, who is originally from Thailand. The establishment is located right on Jamaica Bay, and during the summer months Robert runs “Rockaway Jet Ski,” where you can rent jet skis or kayaks, or book a group tour. Today, you will be going on a jet ski tour of New York Harbour, where you will see iconic sights such as Coney Island, Ellis Island, Battery Park, and a number of iconic bridges along the way.

    5pm: After your jet ski tour, you will probably be ready to relax for a few hours. Luckily, at Thai Rock, there is a deck overlooking the NYC skyline, with a seasonal outdoor bar, and of course, live music by local musicians. While this is one of the more pricey spots in Rockaway, it still won’t break the bank. Here you can chat with the friendly locals and see what Rockaway is all about. Doesn’t get more laid back then that, does it?

    7pm: Located just steps from Thai Rock is the Bungalow Bar, a restaurant made somewhat famous by the television show Bar Rescue, when it got a make-over after Hurricane Sandy. Here you can also sit on the back deck overlooking Jamaica Bay, have a few cocktails from their specialty menu, and enjoy appetizers and chef’s specials for dinner. You’ll also catch the sun setting if you stay late enough! Hope your not too tired, as the night is only beginning.

    9pm: After a five minute walk from the bay side to the ocean side, or the north side to the south, you’ll find yourself at Connolly’s Bar, a legendary surfer bar known for their frozen pina coladas and frozen pink lemonade. Add a “floater” of rum or vodka for a dollar and you are good to go. If frozen drinks don’t do it for you, there are plenty of beers and mixed drinks to choose from, including their very own rum punch. This charming bar has been around for upwards of 70 years, originally operating as a bed and breakfast. The bar itself is actually located in the basement of a house, and although it is located on a residential street, has been “grandfathered in” and allowed to remain open for years to come. With the DJ playing the hits from as far back as the 50s to today, you can easily get carried away dancing and end up in Connolly’s for last call, with plenty of funny stories to share.

    9am: Assuming you didn’t have too late of a night, you will be up bright and early for another day of fun in the sun. From Playland Motel on Beach 97th street, you will walk to Paul’s Bicycle Shop on Beach 116th street. Luckily the boardwalk is finally rebuilt, and you can walk along there for some fresh ocean air. Along the way you can stop at one of three concession stands along the boardwalk, two of which are on your way to Beach 116th. On Beach 97th Street is Low Tide Bar and on Beach 106th Street is Caracas Arepa Bar. Both of these places offer a number of small vendors for both food and drinks, but Caracas has a new vendor called ‘Brothers’ that makes breakfast with both organic ingredients and locally grown produce for fresh juices, grain bowls, and smoothies. You can take your breakfast with you for the walk to the bicycle shop, where Paul rents bicycles (beach cruisers, specifically) for a small fee. You can keep these for the whole day.

    11am: Riis Park is about 2½ miles from the bike shop, or about 20 minutes on the bike. You can lock your bike up here and walk around to check out all the different food vendors and other activities on the boardwalk, or continue to cycle around and take it all in, or you can do both. You might find yourself in a game of beach volleyball or singing karaoke with the DJ.

    1pm: Wildfeast at Riis is a brand new restaurant located in Riis Park and is open year round. They have their own farm where they harvest most of their ingredients, and the seafood is sourced from the east end of Long Island. Many of the wines offered here come from vineyards on Long Island, also. Their mouth-watering menu is always changing depending on what ingredients are available, but no matter what they might be, you won’t be disappointed.

    2pm: From the Riis Park Bazaar, you can ride your bikes to the Riis Landing, which is just a short bit away. Here you can lock your bike up, and climb aboard the American Princess Cruise Line, a whale and dolphin watching cruise that you can take throughout a number of locations: NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

    6pm: After sightseeing on the water for a few hours, you can grab your bikes and cycle back downtown to return your bikes to Paul, and walk up the street to the Wharf, a bay side restaurant and bar tucked away down a driveway behind a gas station. It’s hard to find for tourists, but a hidden gem for locals. Here you will be welcomed by waitresses and bartenders who have been there and will continue to be there serving up drinks and food for years to come. You can pick your own table, all of which have an amazing view of the water and the NYC skyline, and relax for a few hours as this is a place you will never feel rushed out of. You will probably even get a few buy backs from your waitress. The kitchen is open late and the food is inexpensive, so stick around a few hours and hear one of the local bands play a few tunes before you make your departure from Rockaway.

  4. Shuhong Wu says:

    36 Hours in Hong Kong

    1:00 pm – check into Peninsula Hotel
    Check in at the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong which located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong was established in 1928. Both the rich and the famous people love to choose this hotel when they are travelling.

    3:00 pm – have Hong Kong Style afternoon tea at Tsui Wah Restaurant
    Tsui Wah Restaurant is one of the most famous Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong. As an English colony, Hong Kong culture was affected by English culture. Hong Kong style afternoon used to provide for the working class people whose tea break began from 3:15 PM. They preferred to have buns or egg tart with milk tea or coffee which would provide more energy for them to continue working.

    5:00 pm – The Peak
    Take the tram to The Peak. Hong Kong Island’s skyscrapers slide past your window at what appear to be impossible angles as you make the ascent to The Peak on the city’s historic, funicular railway. Enjoy the sunset and night scene at the Peak. We can see the lights of the big city at night.

    8:00 pm – Temple Street Night Market
    It is a place so steeped in local atmosphere that it has served as the backdrop to many a memorable movie. Trinkets, tea ware, electronics, watches, menswear, jade and antiques are scrutinised and haggled over, while claypot rice, seafood, noodles and other treats are consumed with gusto. Visitors can buy some souvenirs here.

    10:00 pm – Oi Man Sang, Sidewalk Snack Booth, Traditional Hong Kong Style Dish
    Sidewalk snack booth is one of the most popular forms of restaurant in the past. You may not be served well but the food there are cheap and delicious. It is an absolute different experience I never have before. More than hundreds of dishes are offered here.

    8:00 am – Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists
    It is a one star restaurant in the Le Guide Michelin. Hong Kong people like to yum cha with family at the weekend. Dim-Sums are what they love to eat for breakfast.

    10:00 am – Wong Tai Sin Temple
    The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple’s claim to ‘make every wish come true upon request’ might have something to do with its popularity. Home to three religions (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism), its natural setting and beautifully ornamented buildings make it as much a scenic attraction as an important religious centre.

    12:00 pm – Lamma Island
    From a traditional Chinese fishing village to a laid-back multicultural community, Lamma’s blend of Western and Chinese island life creates an atmosphere that has proved irresistible for Hong Kong’s busy residents. Many come here as day-trippers; some stay for good.

    6:00 pm – Hong Kong Space Museum
    The city’s popular planetarium is made up of the Stanley Ho Space Theatre, the Hall of Space Science, and the Hall of Astronomy. There’s plenty of action and toys for wannabe space explorers and closest geeks, such as the Omnimax and sky shows, astronomy exhibits, digital planetarium projector, and seats installed with multi-language and interactive systems. I can lie down and watch a movie here.

    9:00 pm – Lan Kwai Fong
    Lan Kwai Fong is one of Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife hot spots and home to over 90 restaurants and bars. The atmosphere ranges from stylish wine pairings to raucous jelly shots and the food on offer is as diverse as the clientele. People can have fun here until midnight and make friends with each other from all around the world.

  5. Adnan Ahmed says:

    Friday April 29, 2016
    9:00 pm
    Just arrived to Hyatt Regency, a hotel in Westchester Long Island. Check-in was a bit of an issue for 3 rooms were booked under my brother’s name and they had a small problem on distributing keys because wrong rooms were checked in when my other brother arrived early.

    11:00 pm
    Pre wedding celebration, toasted to a nice bottle of Macallan 12 with my 3 brothers and 2 of their girlfriends. A small toast and light chatter before the big day tomorrow, so everyone went off to bed in their own rooms.

    Saturday April 30, 2016
    9:00 am
    My oldest brother already showered and getting ready, while I just woke up. The day of my brother’s wedding. Amazing view of a forest and a park in the distant. Coffee also brewing in the room because there was a coffee maker and Starbucks coffee grounds on the house.

    11:00 am
    Off to the wedding, forecast said it was supposed to rain but turned out to be sunny last minute which was great news for everyone and everybody was pleased. In the limousine a lot of us were suited up and on our way to the wedding ceremony at Insignia Prime Steak & Sushi.

    12:00 pm
    Finished up taking pictures and on our way to enjoy the food and drinks they have to offer. Everything already paid for of course and unlimited drinks sounds great.
    2:00 pm
    Had a few drinks and talked to most of the bride’s family and got to know so much also tried so many drinks, and they were all so very good their Mojito being exquisite. The appetizers were amazing as well absolutely delicious from the small cheeseburgers, to the mini chicken salads, and especially the spring rolls that were covered in this magnificent chili sauce.

    3:00 pm
    Wedding ceremony began and everything was absolutely beautiful. My brother said his vows and his fiancé said hers. Then they kissed and became husband and wife. The venue was marvelous everything was so perfect.

    5:00 pm
    Food and dancing took place. The food there was amazing, and odd combination in my opinion but it indeed worked, it was a buffet so couldn’t go wrong there. The desserts were sugar filled and delicious, even though I have gotten some cake on the sleeve of my suit, overall a very successful wedding.

    11:00 pm
    Headed back to the hotel and to change into a different outfit. Then me, my 3 brothers and few of their close friends that I knew well in my life and also met throughout my life. The bar was the same as any but the day just made it all that special. I couldn’t have any more fun in my life than I was that day. After the bar just walked around for a little while and saw around and the stars were out, don’t really see many stars usually so that was a first. Headed back to the hotel and went to bed.

    9:00 am Sunday May 1, 2016
    My brothers staying a little while longer but I had school the next day, I packed my bags and my parents packed as well, then we checked out of the hotel but before we headed home we went to go get breakfast and a small diner.

    12:00 pm
    Arrived back home to my home in Queens by car by my dad.

  6. Liqing gong says:

    36 Hours in Philadelphia
    11:00 AM:
    Arrived at Philadelphia’s Chinatown with my friend, it has to spend about two hours to get there from New York. I don’t need to worry about my accommodation, since my cousin is living in Chinatown.

    Had lunch around Chinatown’s restaurant which one is called Dim Sum Garden. And we were shopping around the Chinatown. The Chinatown in Philadelphia is quite small, only few block.
    Arrived at the Liberty Bell, the symbol of the American spirit of freedom, the symbol of Philadelphia, bearing the weight of the pride of the people of the United States. Also, the Independent Hall is next to the Liberty Bell. Independence Hall is a famous historical monuments in the United States. The declaration of independence was announced by Benjamin that north American colonies from Britain, to establish “Free and independent states.” These two places are free to visited, a lot of tourists come here during spring break, so we had to waited a long security lined.

    It’s such as a good timing for me to visited Philadelphia during Spring break. There are the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square, the celebration of light and culture features the work of artisans from China. The ticket price is seventeen dollars for an adult. It’s little bit experience, but the lights are extremely beautiful.

    Ate dinner with my cousin in Outback Steakhouse. About 20 minutes route from Chinatown to Outback Steakhouse.
    Had a brief breakfast with my friend in my cousin’s house.
    Arrived to the City Hall, which is the best place to see the full view of Philadelphia.

    Rode a city bike in Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the original name for the Delaware River Bridge, is across Delaware River Bridge, connects the Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey. I only rode half of the bridge, it’s too tired for me because I usually don’t do exercise.
    Had a dinner with my cousin in Chinatown. The restaurant is called Penang Malaysian Cuisine. I recommend the BBQ chicken and the appetizers are the best.

  7. Anne Huang says:

    36 Hours in South Korea
    10:00 am – I checked into Oakwood Premier Coex Center – 46, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06164, South Korea.
    It is in the Coex Center, a business, shopping, and lifestyle hub, and a short walk to the Samsung train station and the Bong-Eu-Sa Buddhist temple. It consist of 280 fully furnished luxury serviced apartments that combine lavish indulgence and relaxing environment.

    12:00 pm – Myeongdong Kyoja Main Restaurant – 25-2, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    I grabbed lunch in Myeongdong Kyoja Main Restaurant. The interior is designed with wooden tables and extremely clean, specious, and well organized. There are plenty of tables packed together on two levels. The menu is limited which makes it easy for people to decide. There are four items to choose from and they are all priced at 8,000 KRW. This includes the Kalguksu (hand rolled noodles soup), Mandu (steamed dumplings), Bibim Guksu (noodles with vegetables and red pepper paste), and Kongguksu (noodles in cold soy milk broth). The most recommended was noodles and dumplings! The wrap of the dumpling was just thin enough to make it light but not fragile.

    2:00 pm – Gyeongbokgung Palace – 161 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    A historic palace with tours & museum. The premises were once destroyed by fire during the Imjin War. However, all of the palace buildings were later restored under the leadership of Heungseondaewongn during the reign of King Gojong. There are beautiful sculptures and contemporary act for people to look at.

    4:00 pm – N Seoul Tower – 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Youngsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    At 236m, it marks the highest point in Seoul. The tower is renowned as a national landmark, and or its cityscape. The tower sits in the Namsun mountain. It is beautiful especially during the nighttime when the tower lights up. I enjoy the panoramic view the tower offers. Visitors are allowed to go up the tower but have to pay an additional fee. The N Seoul Tower is divided into three main parts, includi the N Lobby, N Plaza, and the N Tower. The N Plaza consists of two floors, while the N Tower includes four floors.

    7:00 pm – Dinner at N Grill – South Korea, Yongsan-gu, Namsangongwon-gil, 105.
    N Grill is a french fine dining and located in the highest point in N Seoul Tower make it an espectacular experience. It is quite expensive but it is wortj the experience. I would like to order the Korean Beef Tenderlion.

    9:00 pm – Dongdaemun Market – Euljiro 6(yuk) – ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    Dongsaemun Market is a large commercial district comprising traditional markets and shopping centers in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It has every fashion item like fabric, clothes, accessories, and wedding goods. It is hme to the largest clothing suppliers in Korea.

    9:00 am – Have breakfast at Mugyodong Bugeokukjib – 173 Da-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-180, South Korea.
    It is a great spot of authentic Asian brunch. There is only one menu here, consisting of tasty soup, dried cod, kimchi, tofu, and lots of ginseng! Ginseng is really good for your body so it’s a great thing to start with that.

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