36 Hours

Julissa Ramos
Prof. John Akana
HMGT 1101
May 18, 2016
36 Hours Assignment

The city of Toronto located in Canada is one of the most anticipated tourist sites in the world. Being Canada’s largest city and fourth largest in North America, it is home to a population of about 2.8 million people. Toronto is known for its arts, culture, and business. It is commonly labeled as one of the world’s most livable cities.

Toronto is visited by more than 40 million Canadian residents and foreigners. Tourism is a very important factor for the Canadian city as it helps provide for the thousands of workers in the hospitality industry. Toronto is known for their film and entertainment like their Toronto International Film Festival that takes place each September. Also known for their sports teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors.

This big city is also known for being “Ambitious and alive”. It is also a very diverse city where 140 different languages and dialects are spoken. Toronto is a phenomenal city with many exciting places and things to do. 36 hours in Toronto would go as follows:

10:00 am- Check into hotel.

As part of this trip, you will be accommodated in the Shangri-La Hotel located west of Downtown in Toronto. This hotel is beautiful and modern which overlooks the downtown area and will compliment your stay in the big city. The bedrooms are equipped with everything you need as well as a restaurant at the hotel’s site. The service at the Shangri-La is impeccable and will make your stay that much more enjoyable.

12:00 pm – Lunch at the Signs Restaurant.

The signs restaurant in Toronto is the perfect spot to get a feel of the Toronto vibe. The restaurant is for casual dining with a twist and the twist is that everything from the menu to the waiter/waitress translates in sign language. The staff is openly willing to communicate with signs as well as teach you the basic of the fascinating language. The menu is full with a variety of different items from vegetarians to vegans and even gluten. The experience will definitely be one for the books.

2:00 pm – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

For your first activity, I figured we would do something fun and exciting and what’s more fun than a real, HUGE aquarium. Nothing like the ones we have back home in New York. Here you will get to see over 1600 animals and mammals. This is the perfect day trip to spend with the family in a friendly environment and little and big friends (animals). Here you will be able to let your inner child shine and explore the sea world!

4:00 pm – Kensington Market.

What better way to relax that inner child than to knock some stress off with a little shopping? Here at the Kensington Market you will find anything from souvenirs, to local foods, and even grab a beer or two if you’re up for it. This market is very multicultural and you will see all kinds of things like art and sweet coffee shops. Maybe even grab something to eat that you have never tried before.

7:00pm – Dinner at the Olde York Fish and Chips.

After an entire eventful day on your toes, I say we go a little light for dinner. This is an authentic restaurant that serves traditional fish and chips that you would eat in England and it is simply to die for. The servings are massive so a little goes a long way to feed the entire family. It is known as the best fish and chips in town, who can resist!

9:00 pm- Buddies in Bad Times.

Before heading off to sleep from your long but yet exciting day, I suggest taking a stroll down Alexander Street and stopping by this performing arts theatre to dance away some calories. This theatre is known for its support of LGBT community and local artist come here to perform their drag performances (you might want to leave the kids with the nanny lol). This place is a great times with great drinks and even better people.

Catch some snooze and prepare for an even more eventful day tomorrow.

9:00 am- Breakfast at G for Gelato.

Catch a breakfast crepe and some espresso to fuel and prepare for the day’s activities. Here you’ll enjoy a reasonably priced breakfast and if you’re feeling crazy grab some gelato! If you are gonna do it, go all the way. The service and the staff here are great and will surely show you the Canadian/Italian style of dining.

11:00 am- Art Gallery of Ontario

Here at the art gallery you will be able to walk around and glance at famous Canadian art. Their collection includes more than 80,000 works of art dating back to the first century. There is a whole lot of history in this one space. All things from sculptures, books, films, and architecture are anticipated. This gallery is the perfect place to gain knowledge and perspective of Canada’s history.

1:00 pm- Lunch at Richmond Station.

Richmond Station is the perfect spot for a perfect lunch. You can have anything from oysters to pierogis. Located in Toronto’s financial district you will be paying the price for your lunch but it will be worth every penny. The service is amazing and you can even enjoy the luxury of sitting at the chef’s table trying out different delicacies.

2:00 pm- Yorkville Toronto.

Yorkville is a diverse neighborhood in Toronto that is filled with beautiful scenery. Located in Yorkville is the Mink Mile which is the shopping district and not to mention quite expensive. Yorkville is the perfect time to have a nice walk, enjoy the fresh air, and maybe do a little a spending if you are up for it. You will find all of your upscale shopping stores like Hermes, Burberry, and Vera Wang.

4:00 pm- Fort York.

You will then make your way to Fort York where you will enjoy a historic Military site. It is a designated National Historic Site of Canada and is surrounded by beautiful architecture. Here you will learn about the war of 1812 and the battle of York.

8:00 pm- Dinner at the CN Tower.

This is probably my favorite of all. For your last meal in Toronto, I recommend the CN Tower and prepare for the breath-taking views. This is the largest freestanding tower after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Canton Tower. This is Toronto’s signature icon and I must say it does it very just. CN stands for Canadian National and was once one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 1995. The CN tower is home to the famous rotating restaurant and is recognized for its excellence. This is fine dining at its finest so dress to impress and do not forget your wallet!

After an exciting 36 hours in the ambitious city one must be exhausted. Time to reflect and gather ones thoughts. There is beauty in all that we do, in all that we see. What we do and how we do it determines the outcome of our experiences. Love and peace.

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