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  1. Andrea says:

    Andrea Shamlall
    Professor Akana
    HMGT 1101

    36 Hours in Tortola

    Tortola is one of the largest of the British Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean. It is known for its many white-sand beaches.

    10:00 am – Check into Surfsong Villa Resort

    When I arrived at Tortola with my family, we checked into the Surfsong Villa Resort located in Well Bay, British Virgin Islands. Our villa was a pool house that had three bedrooms and could hold up to six people. The rate of the villa was $1575.00 per night. Some of the amenities it had were a pool, BBQ, Wi-Fi, master suite, and dishwasher.

    12:00 pm – Lunch at D Coalpot BVI Restaurant Bar & Grill

    We began to feel hungry and decided to get lunch at a restaurant that served Caribbean, seafood, and Jamaican food. This restaurant was located at Zion Hill, Little Apple Bay, West End, Tortola. They had a wide variety of Caribbean food, so I decided to get the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Breast. It was served with garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, and coleslaw

    2:00 pm –Smuggler’s Cove

    By the time we finished eating, it was getting hotter and I decided that we should go to one of the white-sand beaches. I wanted to go into the cool water and just relax. I’ve never seen water so blue at any beach I visited before. The sand was so soft as well. I could see the beautiful view of the islands across the waters. Not much people were on the beach, which made me like it here a lot.

    4:00 pm – Dolphin Discovery

    I’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins, so when I heard about Tortola having dolphins I just had to see them. My family and I had so much fun with them, they were cool to swim with and they were friendly. The marine wildlife was treated very well there, which was decent.

    7:00 pm – Dinner at Brandywine Estate Restaurant

    I wasn’t going to keep eating Caribbean food my entire stay here. I found a restaurant that served Mediterranean Bistro cuisine. This restaurant had a garden; lounge setting with an amazing view, and a cool breeze. I ate the Penne Arrabbiata with shredded roast chicken, burratta and arugula. The dish was different for a change of what I usually eat from home.

    9:00 pm – Amara Spa

    Before going back to the hotel and sleeping I just wanted to one more thing. My mom, sister, and I went to the spa located in Road Town, Tortola. We didn’t spend much time here although we did get manicures and pedicures. It was a soothing way to end the day.

    9:00 am – Breakfast at D’ Best Cup

    I woke up early and hungry ready to eat. We went to this restaurant located in Frenchman’s Cay, Tortola. They were the best place to get breakfast that was homemade. I ordered the Eggs Benedict containing two poached eggs, Canadian Bacon, English muffin, hollandaise sauce and hash browns, served with fresh fruit.

    11:00 am – Sage Mountain National Park

    When we reached here, it just looked like the perfect place to go hiking. Sage Mountain National Park had many trails designed for that. You could see views of the outlying islands from there. There were many birds, flowers, and hermit crabs to be seen. Although hiking was tiring it was worth exploring the park.

    1:00 pm – Lunch at Scaramouche Lounge Bar & Restaurant

    We needed to eat after that long hike. Located Soper’s Hole, West End Tortola, this place had a wide range of cuisine from Italian, Mediterranean, to European, and seafood. I had gotten the Bresaola Carpaccio it had Bresaola, Parmesan, lettuce, lemon, olive oil, pepper, and toasted bread. I didn’t feel to eat such a heavy lunch this afternoon. The lunch surely sufficed.

    2:00 pm – Kayaking

    Water sports are a must when you come to an island surrounded by water. That’s why I chose to go kayaking. It’s an experience everyone needs to try at least once in his or her lifetime. In Tortola, Brewer’s Bay is where we went to catch some waves. It was amusing learning how to paddle my way through the waves.

    4:00 pm – Zip lining

    This was the last activity before going home and zip lining is one of those things that seem scary at first, but when you go on it its not so bad. It’s one of those tours high in the hills of Tortola. You can literally see everything from up on the line. It goes by smoothly and fast. I can see why anyone would be scared to try this but its actually thrilling.

    8:00 pm – Dinner at Dove Restaurant & Bar 1864

    This was the last meal before departing Tortola. I will miss this place so much. I will definitely recommend people to visit. It was located at 67 Main Street, Road Town, Tortola. They serve mainly French cuisine here. I ended up getting the Snapper and it tasted very succulent. That washed down well with a glass of chardonnay. A much needed drink to end my vacation.


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