36 Hours in Asbury Park, NJ

“Asbury Park is a small seaside city on the New Jersey coast. It’s known for its sandy shore and beachfront boardwalk lined with shops, arcades and cafes. The city’s live music venues include the Stone Pony, which has hosted native New Jerseyans Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, and the 1920s Paramount Theatre. The Silverball Museum’s video games, arcade games and pinball machines date from the 1930s to the present.”


10:00 am – Check-in to The Asbury Hotel

“The Asbury mashes up Asbury Park’s Victorian-era history, rock-n-roll present, and shiny future into a new kind of social hub. Inside The Asbury, our lobby is the action-filled center of the hotel with everything designed for perpetual motion.”

12:00 pm – Lunch at Mogo


1:00 pm – Check out Asbury Fresh


2:00 pm – Explore The Boardwalk


6:00 pm –Dinner at Stella Marina

On the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, it is the perfect spot for a lunch break or dinner after a day at the beach. Breathe in the sweet ocean air while dining on the boardwalk seating or enjoy a relaxed dinner in the casual dining room at Stella Marina Bar and Restaurant.


8:00 pm – Concert at The Stone Pony


9:00 am – Breakfast at Toast

Bustling cafe crafting homestyle breakfast, brunch & lunch classics in a rustic, brick-walled space.







10:00 am – Grab a Donut at Purple Glaze


12:00 pm – Lunch at Pasta Volo


Handmade pasta and house made sauces in a causal dining setting.







1:00 pm – Learn how to Surf at Summertime Surf School



4:00 pm – Grab a Cocktail at The Anchors Bend


7:00 pm – Dinner at Moonstruck


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36 Hours in South Korea, Seoul (Gangnam DIstrict)

Jia Yi Zou

Prof. Akana

HMGT 1101

36 hours in South Korea, Seoul (Gangnam District)

10:00 am – Check in at InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas

InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas is a 5-star hotel with a big grand lobby. It is about $209 per night during summer seasons, which is pretty decent for a 5-star hotel. Having two hours to spare is really great because after the long flight taking a bath and a nap is a plus.



12:00 pm – The Brasserie

After some energy from the warm bath and power nap, eating lunch at the hotel can save traveling time.


2:00 pm – 3-in-1 Deal Package

Seoul’s 4-Hour Afternoon Tour Including the Han River Cruise, COEX Aquarium, and Bongunsa Temple for $105 per person.




7:00 pm – dinner at Philkyungjae (필경재)

Philkyungjae specializes in full course menus that were once considered available only to those of royal lineage. The owner decided to feature royal cuisine because the establishment was once home to Prince Gwangpyeong. This place is just like how royal lived back then and the food also displays just like how it was presented to the royals.



9:00 pm – Nightlife

Clubbing in South, Korea is a big culture. Octagon Club is only a few blocks away from the hotel. Which is really great if anyone of your friend gets drunk.


9:00 am – Room Service

Due to party until 2 am in the morning, getting out of bed early might be heard. Some room service for some kimbap in the morning would give us some extra time to nap.


11:00 am – COEX Mall

Korea is known to have great makeup at a very decent price, so makeup shopping is a must. There is also a Paris Baguette cake shop in the mall and a slice of cake before lunch won’t be so bad. The mall is so close to the hotel it’s easy to leave our purchases in the hotel room before heading to lunch.


1:00 pm – lunch at Goraebul (고래불)

Goraebul is an authentic Korean restaurant that specializes in seafood. It is located right next to the coastal neighborhood on the northern end of the Gyeongsang province from where the restaurant’s seafood ingredients are always fresh.


3:00 pm – Strolling by the sea

After a full seafood feast, strolling beside the sea can quicken your metabolism. Getting your stomach ready for dinner. It is also very soothing and romantic walking with your love one.


4:00 pm – Gangnam District

Gangnam District is known for their rich neighborhood. And a big shopping culture you can find a lot of top designer brand in the heart of Gangnam. The vibe in Gangnam is very well dressed and mannered with a rich look.



6:00 pm – dinner at Tosokchon – Jongno-Gu

Tosokchon is known for its signature samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup), a popular Korean dish best eaten during the summertime. Authentic.


8:00 pm – In Spa Time

InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas provides their own spa services. It’s time to relax and get a Korean massage and an anti-aging facial.

10:00 pm – Sky Lounge

Before heading back to the hotel suite, a glass of wine would complete the whole day.


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36h in Denver, Colorado

        Herntz Charles             Colorado was one of the first states that legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use and because of that they make hundreds of  millions in tourist revenues.  There are even websites that can set up your whole trip … Continue reading

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36 Hours in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

36 Hours in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Kevin Hung

HMGT 1101

Professor J. Akana

Punta Cana is a city found in San Juan, in The Dominican Republic. The area has beaches and balnearies which face both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and it has been a popular destination since the 1970s.


I have been to Punta Cana few times with my family. Although all my family members are Asian we are more tropical that what people think.  We have been in few different resort, but Hard Rock Punta Cana is the resort that I choose and recommend it.

It cost around $380 one room for 2 adults per night. It is All-inclusive, exquisite on-site meals, beverages, wireless Internet, 24-hour room service, liquor dispenser, taxes and gratuities are included in the room rate at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.



10:00 am

After few hours flight, we finally arrive to Hard Rock Punta Cana.  We check in and put all the stuff in the room and took a little snap.



12:00 p.m

After recover a little energy from the flight we decided to have lunch in the CIAO restaurant.


1:30 p.m

After having lunch we decide to take the mini shuttle bus to look around the resort and took a walk to get know more about the resort.



3:00 p.m

We decided to go the beach at 3:00p.m. I think 3:00 p.m is the perfect time to go the beach. Sun isn’t to hot and water isn’t to cold too.


7:00 p.m

After we went to the beach we took a shower. And It’s time to have some food to recover the energy again. So we went to have dinner at the Toro restaurant.



8:30 p.m

After having dinner we went to a show that the resort offer. It was really nice, we saw someone who inmitate Michael Jackson and they also have some comedians that make fun with the audience.



11:00 p.m

My sister and I went to the club but our parents decide to went to the casino.

hard-rock-hotel-casino-punta-cana-disco-oro hard-rock-hotel-casino-punta-cana-roulette


9:30 a.m

A long day of full of activities begun. First we woke up and eat some breakfast in the Ipanema restaurant.


11:00 am

We went to a “Safari Trip” on 4×4 cars




And we came back and eat in The Market restaurant and continue our activities.



We decide to ride horses next to the beach and were able to visit other hotel/resort and also watch the sunset.


6:00 p.m

After a long day we decide to go to the Rock Spa and relax in order to continue the vacation.



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36 Hours in Sea Ranch, California

10:00 am – Check in at Lupine by the Sea

Lupine by the Sea is a beautiful hillside vacation home with an ocean view, and though it looks small, the one story house is an excellent example of the beautiful architecture that Sea Ranch is known for. Upon entering, guests will be happy to relax in a place warmed by the fireplace, surrounded by the beautiful walls made of California redwood. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Amenities include a full kitchen, TVs, blu-ray and DVD players, board games, puzzles, laundry machines, high speed internet, and a central heating system when it’s time to leave the warmth of the fireplace to go to bed.

Lupine by the Sea

Lupine by the Sea


12:00 pm – Lunch at Coast Kitchen

Coast Kitchen is located on Highway 1 and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for adults and children using local and seasonal ingredients. The lunch menu features many light and fresh dishes that use local fish and shellfish caught every day – a treat that no visitor should miss out on!


2:00 pm – Wine Tasting at Fort Ross Vineyard

Fort Ross is a unique vineyard in California because it is one of only a handful of coastal vineyards overlooking the Pacific. Reservations are not required for a tasting here and this is a good activity to wind down after lunch.

Fort Ross Vineyard

Fort Ross Vineyard


4:00 pm – Visit the Gualala Art Gallery

As Sea Ranch is known for unique architecture, it is also known locally for a thriving arts culture. There are several art galleries in the area, but the Gualala Arts Center is the main venue for showcasing local work. The facility is built similarly to other structures in Sea Ranch, but can be distinguished by the garden and many sculptures placed outside for pedestrians to see.

Gualala Art Center

Gualala Art Center

7:00 pm – Dinner at Bird Café & Supper Club

Bird Café and Supper Club is a restaurant with food that focuses on local seasonal ingredients from nearby farms, ensuring the freshest produce, meat, and seafood to create a memorable meal. They offer a 4-course menu for early diners at 5:30PM, and at 8PM they make a 7 course menu available.

A Taste of Place – Fine Dining In Point Arena

9:00 am – Breakfast at Twofish Baking Company

The pastry chefs at this bakery begin working at 3:30AM everyday, and if they wake up that early for their customers, the food has got to be good! Start the day off with fresh bread, hand roasted granola, energy bars, or other pastries and a cup of coffee.


11:00 am – Walk to the Sea Ranch Chapel

The Chapel is an iconic building in Sea Ranch. Everything in and out of the building was made by local craftsmen, and the chapel itself was the architectural vision of a local resident named James Hubbell, in 1985. This is a popular attraction because it combines everything that defines Sea Ranch – fine art, architecture, beautiful landscape, and local craftsmanship. The benches are made from redwood from the forest, and the shells and stones that decorate the walls are from the beach and hillside.



1:00 pm – Lunch at Anchor Bay Thai

Lunch at Anchor Bay Thai is a nice change in cuisine considering that many other restaurants in the area have menus that are more centered around American and European style cuisine. You can have authentic Thai food and know your meal supports local farmers, and the fish is also caught off the California coast.

Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen

2:00 pm – Hiking on Black Point Trail

Explore the diverse plant life of the Northern California coast, collect shells and rocks, walk off lunch on one of the many hiking trails in Sea Ranch. This trail features a long steep staircase that leads to a peaceful beach. The trail has exceptionals views of the ocean and unique trees and landscapes, perfect for photos.


4:00 pm – Beach Activities at Black Point Beach

Spend the rest of the time until dinner soaking in the sun and seawater. Visitors can collect shells, go swimming, tan, boogie board, build a sculpture out of the washed up driftwood, and just relax on the beach. Even though Northern California beaches are not as well-known as others, you won’t find a beach anywhere else in California more clean and peaceful than those in Sea Ranch.

View of the beach from Black Point Trail

View of the beach from Black Point Trail


8:00 pm – Dinner at Uneda Eat

Uneda Eat is a smaller restaurant, being able to seat just 9 diners at a time. The owners describe it as a “fine diner” – fine dining, but without the stuffiness of being in a fine dining restaurant with a menu featuring fancier versions of diner food. The menu is inspired by the chefs’ travels around the world and, as always in Sea Ranch, use seasonal ingredients and support local farmers. A meal at a peaceful restaurant such as Uneda would be the perfect end to a visit to Sea Ranch, CA.

About Uneda Eat Restaurant


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36 Hours in Kissimmee Florida

10:00 am – My family and I arrive and at Westgate Resorts. When we walk in the Town Hall, we see the golf carts that are used to give tours around the property. As we finish checking in, we are guided to another counter where we get free cookies, a choice of oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip. We are always able to go back for more, because it always finishes really quickly.

Image result for kissimmee westgate resorts town hall

12:00 pm – For lunch, we eat at Drafts Sports Bar and Grill. This restaurant is on the premises of the resort. A chicken quesadilla is the appetizer ordered that the four of us share. I order a Buffalo chicken wrap. The food is delicious and well made.

2:00 pm – Shopping is on the agenda for any vacation, no matter how short. The Florida Mall is a great place to go to browse for fashion items, accessories and shoes. There are stores like H&M, Macy’s, Sephora and an M&M store.

4:00 pm – Time to browse the resorts 14 swimming pools! Several of them have poolside bars, where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served.

7:00 pm – We were hungry again at this point, so we went to Golden Corral for their All You Can Eat Buffet. as we were seated, we immediately began to dig in.

9:00 pm – As we waited for the food to settle down, we decided to go to Old Town. This is a small shopping district filled with eccentric souvenirs that any tourist would love. There is an arcade, where you play for prizes to entertain small kids who may not want to walk and browse for gifts. We always visit this place every time we come to Florida, because it has a feeling that you grow to love and miss once you’re gone.


9:00 am – IHOP is an icon, no matter which state you visit. For breakfast, we went there and enjoyed their famous pancakes.

11:00 am – There’s a great way to explore the beautiful resort and discover all of the abundant onsite amenities that were available to us. bicycle rentals was a good way to get some exercise in and breathe in the fresh Florida air.

Image result for westgate resorts kissimmee bike rentals

1:00 pm – Lunch is a pizza pie and chicken wings from Cardovano Joes, who serve a variety of pizza and sandwiches to suit every taste. Again, this restaurant is located on the premise of the resort. We took this back to our room to eat.

2:00 pm – As our stay was coming to a close, we decided to check out the newly built water park. It’s called Ship Wreck Island Water Park, with a theme of pirates and skulls.

4:00 pm – At this time, my parents decided to split from me and my sister. They wanted to go and rent paddle boats, while we wanted to go to the arcade. We agreed to meet up at the hotel room at 7.

Image result for kissimmee fl westgate town center game room

8:00 pm – Finally, it was time to go home. We packed our things and went to check out. Sid’s Bistro had quick service, so we each ordered something from there and made our way to the airport. On the way to the airport, we talked about the highlights of our trip and what made it memorable. then we said goodbye, promising to return another year.

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36 hours in Miami and Orlando


10:00 AM – As soon as I got outside from the Miami Airport to wait my boyfriend’s sister pick up, the first thing that I felt was very hot, humid and couldn’t even breath well. I and my boyfriend lived at his sister’s house s that we didn’t need to spend money for hotel. Before we went to his sister’s house, we had breakfast at IHOP. We were really starving and tired as our flight was too early. My boyfriend’s sister neighborhood was pretty good. It is a private town house with swimming pool, gym and tennis court.

12:00 PM – By that time, my boyfriend’s brother came pick up us to tour around Miami City. First, he brought us to the W Hotel which is very close to the South Beach. It was really breathtaking to see the ocean from W Hotel. The water were so clean and the color was like blue and green surrounded by coconut trees. We were having lunch at W Hotel and the foods were amazing too but it was a little bit expensive. The view of the south beach from W hotel was awesome. So I took a lot of pictures there. After that, we played the billiard competing each other at W hotel.

2:00 PM – After we got out from W Hotel, my boyfriend’s brother was driving around the Miami City. We went to the Outdoor World to get the fishing rod and stuffs as our hobbies are fishing. We bought a lot of fishing stuffs either for fresh water or salt water. We really want to have fishing experience as Miami Salt water fishes were beautiful and interesting and the water is clear enough to see all the fishes. After that we went back to the house and we started fishing at the lake back of the house we lived. Amazingly, I caught the very big peacock fish. I was having so much fun fishing at the lake.

4:00 PM – We were so tired fishing under the hot sun so we wanted to be chill in the swimming pool with my boyfriend’s nephew and niece. We had a lot of fun that we took the underwater picture us swimming together. But after a while, Miami weather was crazy like New York City as well. It was sunny the whole time but suddenly the whole cloud was getting dark and thundering was coming too. So, we got out from the swimming pool and ran away to the house.

7:00 PM – Even though 7 pm, Miami was still bright. We wanted to go to the Miami Street Art district that the one of his brother’s kid told us the art district was cool. So we had rush for our dinner at chipotle and went to the art district to see the art stuffs. It is called Wnywood walls which were the amazing art that covers every building, wall and side walk to the delicious options, this place was very wonderful. We also took a lot of pictures with each of those art walls. We really enjoyed the Wynwood Walls art district.

9:00 PM – After Wynwood art district, we went to the Sawgrass Mill Mall for shopping a little bit that we need to buy some stuffs as the mal almost closing. At the Sawgrass Mill Mall, I found something very amazing that a guy with a lot of clever parrots that I could take a picture with them. As I am a pet lover, I was really happy to pet those parrots. We actually got amazing couple pictures with those parrots with their owner said whatever how the birds to pose. After that, we decided to go to Monster Mini Golf Club with is monster-themed mini-golf chain featuring a glow-in-the dark indoor mini golf place. It was really cool inside with the bright neon light. We were having good time playing mini golf.

9:00 AM – We got to Orlando to visit sea-world. We arrived to Orlando around 3 am in the morning and checked into the Holiday Inn Hotel. We had our breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Sea World. I was so excited to see the sea animals. I was very happy and enjoyable moment in the SeaWorld. Of course I took a lot of pictures with sea animals.

11:00 AM – First, we decided to go to pet the dolphin in the SeaWorld. It was such a long line to pet the dolphin. When our turns came, I was very excited to pet the dolphin. Those dolphins are very adorable and clever. When the instructor said us to wave the hands, the dolphins were waving the tails to us and splash with water. We even want to swim with them but it costs a lot more but will do definitely next time. Petting dolphin activity time was amazing.

1:00 PM – We had our lunch at Shark Underwater grill at SeaWorld. I really enjoyed looking at the shark and fished while eating. I felt like I was eating underwater world. I ordered seafood for my lunch. The food were really delicious. The service was pretty good and quick but the food was much overpriced of course we were dining in at sharks’ underwater grill. After that, we went to the bar section to order some drinks and chill at the bar for a while. The bar decoration was pretty cool. We could see Nemo fishes swimming at the bar counter see through from glass.

2:00 PM – We went to the Shamu Show. Shamu show is pretty amazing. I really had a good time watching Shamu Show. I watched Shamu Show twice because the first time when we watched Shamu Show, we were little bit far from the Shamu and we haven’t got splashed by Shamu. That was my first time seeing Shamu and realized how big it was. Shamu were very cute and lovable.

4:00 PM – After that, we walked around in the SeaWorld park and shopped there to buy SeaWorld stuff for memories. We even lined up to see the penguin world but it was packed and we haven’t get chance to see the penguins.

8:00 PM – My boyfriend’s sister picked up and heading back to hotel to check out. At the same night, we were heading back to Miami by car. It was such a fun day and I was really enjoyed my trip to Miami.


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36 Hours in Mexico City

36 hours in Mexico City

Johanna Rugerio


10:00 am – After a 5 hour long flight from New York to Mexico, I arrive to my hotel which is called Gran Hotel  Ciudad de Mexico. It is considered to be one of the top hotels in Mexico.  I’ve decided to check into this hotel because it’s right in front of Zocalo Square which is known for it’s celebration throughout the year. I have decided to stay in a Master Suite with the Zocalo View.


12:00 pm – After a long morning it’s time to eat lunch. I’ve decided to stay indoors to eat lunch so i can catch some energy. Within the hotel, there are 3 restaurants and one of them is called Cafe Ciudad de Mexico. It is located in the main lobby, which has a great view to  the outside of the hotel.


2:00 pm –To stay close to the hotel, we’ve decided to visit The Zocalo, which is right in front of the hotel.  It’s place that’s been gathering people since the Aztec times. It’s known for it’s celebrations such as military parades, independence day celebration and their religious events.


4:00 pm – After taking photos in from The Zocalo, we decided to the Museo Nacional de Arte (National Museum of Art). According the front desk , it is a 11 minute walk from the hotel. It is known to have  Manuel Tolsa’s equestrian statue that’s in front of the museum.


7:00 pm – After sightseeing all i want to do is sleep but first we have to eat dinner. The hotel has another restaurant called Terraza Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the hotel. It has this incredible view of the Zocalo. They had traditional Mexican food. I decided to get some Chilaquiles, which is cut tortillas cut into medium triangles which are fried and then covered in green or red Mexican sauce.


9:00 pm – After dinner, it’s time for a movie. We had to drive 20 minutes to find the nearest movie theater. You’ll be surprised how modern mexico is. I was definitely expecting it to be dirty or old but it wasn’t. They are also to be updated with movies. They also had Moana streaming.


9:00 am –For breakfast we decided to go more traditional. We went to the city to look for someone selling Tamales.  Tamales is a traditional dish that is made of dough and it has chicken or pork inside covered in corn shocks.


11:00 am – For an activity i decided to ride on a chalupa boat, in English it’s called floating gardens. It’s a small, which is full in vibrant color which functions as taxi’s. It’s better and fun, when you travel with a group of people. You get to hire music to play and bring in your own food.


1:00 pm – For lunch we decided to stay on the boat longer. There were people on other boats selling food! Which i thought it was a brilliant way to get to your customers. No need to get off the boat and continue with the boat ride. They were selling tostadas. Which hard fried tortillas and on top if had chicken, chicken, black beans and sour cream.


2:00 pm – On the same route of the floating garden, we decided to stop by Doll Island. Doll island is to be one of the attracted and scary  places in mexico. Once you get to the place hundreds of mutilated dolls are hanging from trees and on the side of the house. It is said that a little girl died over 40 years ago and still haunts the place.



4:00 pm – For an afternoon activity, we decided to go to  Coyoacan. Coyoacan is one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico. Coyoacan is known for the home of Frida Kahlo & her husband Diego Rivera and it’s also known for the Mexican market. Within the market you could find anything from groceries to jewelry and home decor.


8:00 pm – There’s street food everywhere in mexico. Coyoacan is a great example. Tacos is known for Mexico’s favorite dish. There is a place called Food Truck House Coyoacan, where there’s food truck everywhere.

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36 Hours in Ko Samui, Thailand

Fathima Muzammil

Professor J. Akana

HMGT 1101

16 December 2016


36 Hours in Ko Samui, Thailand


Ko Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is known for its beaches, rainforest’s,

resorts, spas and much more. Ko Samui is Thailand’s second largest island.


  • 10:00 A.M.

Manathai Koh Samui is located on Lamai Beach. Through Expedia, I paid $70 per night. It

contains 148 rooms, boundless gardens, five restaurants, bars and two swimming pools.

Services offered by the hotel are Wifi / Internet Access, parking, babysitting on request,

fitness centre and dry cleaning / ironing.


  • 12:00 P.M.

For lunch, I took advantage of one of the restaurants offered by the hotel called Waterline.

Waterline has an oceanside view and offers exquisite dishes of a variety of cuisine’s such as

Mediterranean, European, Italian, Asian and much more. Waterline offers guests free Wifi

and serves alcohol. The prices were reasonable and ranged from $7 – $24.


  • 2:00 P.M. 

While exploring the Island, I decided to kayak at Ang Thong Marine National Park in the

Gulf of Thailand. I paid 2,423 THB (Thai baht) which is about $68. It is known as one of

the world’s most stunning sea kayaking locations as tourists kayak through caves and

around Phi Phi Island. It was a magical experience as I relaxed and enjoyed the breath

taking view of Thailand.


  • 4:00 P.M. 

Before heading back to the hotel, I decided to go snorkelling in Ko Tao. Guests can hop

from one bay to another in Ko Tao and explore each island. I paid 2,530 THB (Thai baht)

which is about $71. The water was crystal clear, shallow and calm which made it suitable

for both adults and children. I was able to see a variety of colorful sea creatures and corals

as I enjoyed the warm weather.


  • 7:00 P.M.

After a long fun filled day, I decided to head back to the hotel and take advantage of one of

the restaurants in Manathai Koh Samui. For dinner, I went ahead and tried the famous

fried noodles offered at Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a traditional restaurant with recipes handed

down for generations and pairs Thai techniques with western flavors which takes the dish

to new heights. The prices were reasonable and ranged between $9 – $30.


  • 9:00 P.M. 

After having dinner, I decided to relax by one of the pools at Manathai Koh Samui.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as crowded as I expected. I was able to swim all night and enjoy the

calm summer breeze. It was a beautiful and quiet moment I treated myself to, as I

reminisced over the perfect day I had as my day came to an end.


  • 9:00 A.M.

For breakfast, I decided to take a stroll around the island and found a restaurant called

New Hut Cafe. New Hut Cafe serves both Thai food and western food. I opted for a light

breakfast and had some toast and scrambled eggs with a side of vegetables, a mixture of

fruits and orange juice. The restaurant had a beautiful view of the beach and the prices

were reasonable as it ranged below $25.


  • 11:00 A.M.

After having breakfast, I decided to explore the island and have an adventure. I chose to fly

over Samui’s tropical rainforest on zip lines at Koh Samui Canopy Adventures. I paid

1,200 THB (Thai baht) which is about $35 for a ride. Riders were given a 20 minute

practice session beforehand by professionals. Afterwards, I zip lined at a speed nearing 80

kmph as I enjoyed the breathtaking waterfall views.


  • 1:00 P.M.

For lunch, I went to Spices Cafe near Samui Canopy Adventures. It was a lovely little

restaurant that served authentic Thai food. It was a family owned restaurant and the chef

served the guests a variety of fresh thai cuisine using bold flavors. I ordered prawn with

panang curry, deep fried sea bass, soft shell crab salad, etc. The prices were reasonable as

it ranged below $20. Overall, it was a great atmosphere as I enjoyed the hospitality Spices

Cafe had to offer.


  • 2:00 P.M.

After I had lunch, I wanted to do something sporty and fun. I decided to ride a powerful 4

wheel ATV bike along the dirt tracks of Ko Samui. It was a unforgettable experience as I

enjoyed the countryside of Thailand. As I passed by the rainforest I was able to witness the

diverse wildlife in Ko Samui. I rode on hills, sands and river fronts as I made my way to a

waterfall named Maenam Soi 5. I paid $85 dollars to ride an ATV bike and now I can check

that off my bucket list.


  • 4:00 P.M.

Before heading back to the hotel, I still had a few hours left to spare. After riding on a

powerful 4 wheel ATV bike, I was all drained out of energy. I wanted to end my day with

an activity I can sit back and relax, so I decided to hop on a Safari Tour by a

4WD Jeep. Through this tour, I was able to see a few religious sites, waterfalls, gardens

and mountains overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. I paid $53 dollars for this wonderful

experience I got to share with my best friend.


  • 8:00 P.M. 

After a long day filled with fun and sporty activities, I wanted to head back to hotel and

have a quiet and peaceful dinner at one of the restaurants in Manathai Koh Samui called

Colours. It was the perfect way to end my day as I was able to enjoy the warm hospitality of

a home cooked meal. The prices were reasonable and ranged below $35. I had a pleasant

trip to Ko Samui, Thailand and I would highly recommend people to visit and create

memories they’ll never forget.


T H A N K    Y O U !




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36 Hours in Myrtel Beach

The place I decided to pick for my 36 hour project is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My first reason because my grandparent own a house in North Carolina and during the summer when me and my cousins would go visit them we would always take a drive down to Myrtle Beach and stay in one of the hotels for like a week. It is also a great vacation spot, with plenty of hotels located along the Atlantic coast. So if you book a room in the back of the hotel whatever floor you may be on you will still get a pretty awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean.  And from the hotel you can always walk to the boardwalk and find a restaurant and bars, souvenir stands, arcades and rental shops or you can go on jet ski or ride a bike on the boardwalk.  If you want to get away from the water for a while you can always go to Family Kingdom amusement park or even go to the golf course, regular golf or mini golf.


10:00 am – Check Into Hotel


I will be checking into the Aista Resort for 5 nights.  The original price for $502 but I got a 26 percent discount, so I am now paying $371. Some of the accommodation and facilities that come with the resort is free wifi, Free Parking, Restaurant, Snack bar, Bar, Daily Housekeeping, Room service, Business center and Fitness center.


12:00 pm – Lunch

For lunch I will be going to which is an oceanfront dining restaurant with fresh seafood.I’lSea Captains House l start off with the Bang Bang Shrimp which has Fried Shrimp, Sweet and Spicy sauce, Topped with Bleu Cheese Dressing, Tomatoes and Scallions. Then for the main course I would have the Jambalaya which has Carolina Shrimp, Sea Scallops, Andouille Sausage, Spicy Cajun Tomato sauce Served with White Rice


2:00 pm – Activity

My first activity would be going the Ocean Drive Pavilion there open from 5pm to 11pm. It is also free admission and there is free parking, so you just have to pay to get on ride kind of like at Coney Island

4:00 pm – Activity

ripleysaq4After the Amusement park I will be heading over to Ripley Aquarium where I will be able to literally swim with Stringrays. For about 2 hours you can put on a mask and snorkels, get in the water and have the chance to swim side by side with Stingray and have hands on session with them for $50 per person.

7:00 pm – Dinner

For dinner I will be going to Liberty Brewery and Grill, I will be starting with some Beef, White Cheddar, Chimichurri and Sriracha Empanadas then I moved on to the 12oz Prime Rib that comes with  a Baked Potato, Green Beans, Au Jus, and Horseradish cream sauce. All together the meal will cost me about $35 plus the drink.

9:00 pm – Activity


For my next activity I will be flying over and around Myrtle Beach on a Helicopter Adventure. These adventures start at $20 per person for 2 mile over the Broadways at the beach and around Myrtle waves to $80 per person for 18-20 mile over Intracoastal Waterways were you can watch for Dolphins and other schools of fish in the ocean.

9:00 am – Breakfast

When I wake up I will order room service and have 2 Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffle with a side of bacon and eggs and a French Vanilla Coffee for Breakfast. That will cost me about $35

11:00 am – Activity

After breakfast I will be heading to the Broadway Grand Prix Family Race Track, which is a fun family atmosphere.  Prices for wrist bands start from $24-40 for Rookies bands, $30-45 for Intermediate bands, $35-50 for Pro bands. At the Grand Prix your have different tracks for all level, there is a mini golf course, arcade and a sky coaster. If you buy the Pro band you can go on it unlimited time throughout the day.


1:00 pm – Lunch

For lunch I will be going to Senor Frog which is a very spontaneous upbeat place where you can eat Mexican food with a twist and have good drinks for pretty  decent prices. You can go to just drink and have fun or just eat enjoy the entertainment, just watching people dancing and singing or even be apart of the entertainment if you want free drinks.

2:00 pm – Activity

2pmjetAfter lunch I will be going to Beach Rider Jet Boats which is a fast, wet and thrilling ride out on the Atlantic Ocean for about 10-15 minutes. For adults it will cost $18 and Children under 12 are $15.


4:00 pm – Activity

The following activity would be going to Family Kingdom.  This place is for all ages, there are over 38 rides so everyone would be able to find something to enjoy from the roller coasters, to the water rides and the arcade games. For an all day wristband Adult and child it can cost you about $30 and if you want to go to the Water park too that will be an extra $10.

8:00pm – Dinner

For my last dinner in Myrtel Beach, I will be going to Yamato Steakhouse Japan. I will be having the Combination entrée of Filet, Chicken and Shrimp with Fried Rice and Mango Margarita. They have professional skilled chef that entertains you while cooking. You can get anything from grilled seafood, beef or vegetable to sushi, so any group of people can come and enjoy the food from families to business groups.

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