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  1. Alambert says:

    There is no plus sign (+) to upload my 36 hours assignment on any of the computers I’ve used so I will email it professor.

  2. Krystal says:

    36 hours in my favorite place Florida

    Arrive at the hotel, Shower & pick out clothes

    10:00 pm
    Dinner and party at Señor frogs

    3:00 am
    Back at hotel & sleep

    2:00 pm next day
    Go for breakfast/lunch at Denny’s.

    3:00 pm.
    Go to Florida mall for shopping

    7:00 pm.
    Go to downtown Disney & explore both islands

    2:00 am.
    Back to the hotel & sleep

    6:00 am
    Wake up go to Waffle House & have a light breakfast

    7:00 am
    Drive to airport

    8:00 am
    Arrive to airport & come back to New York

  3. Genmy Chan says:

    36 Hours back in NYC, at my home, resting on my day off…

    8:00 AM
    Wake up, wash, clean & get myself ready

    8:30 AM
    Open computer, start playing games & chat with friends all day long


    Come back to the computer to roam more there or watch TV

    1:00 PM

    1:45 PM
    Back to the computer again…

    6:00 PM

    7:00 PM
    Computer again!

    12:00 AM
    Late night foods to eat, another dinner perhaps.

    4:00 AM

    10:00 AM
    Wake up & wash/clean, get myself ready

    11:00 AM
    To the computer as always and play games, chat with friends or do any unfinished businesses that I need to do in life

    12:30 PM

    1:00 PM
    The computer, still, back where I return to.

    3:30 PM

    4:15 PM
    My best friend at the computer.

    7:00 PM

    8:00 PM
    36 Hours is over and just 1 hour left before I have to go to bed to sleep for work next day. In the mean time before it gets to 9:00 PM, back to more computers!

  4. mtaveras says:

    My timing will be a bit different, I actually arrived at New Orleans at:

    7:00 pm: Arrived at Holiday Inn French Quarter in New orleans (Drove from Houston texas on a road trip moving back home) Tired but when i saw how beautiful New orleans was i woke right up!

    8:00 pm
    Getting dressed and ready to hit the streets of new orleans and have dinner in a restaurant at the French Quarter

    9:00 pm
    walking over to french Quarter and saw many different small bars with very artsy Decor and a lot of them were Gay friendly which i felt was awesome!

    10:00 pm
    Arrived at a Superior Seafood Restaurant on Bourbon street and had some good ol fried Alligator! along with some sea food and a couple of drinks! Got the party started! The service was not the best, but at that point i did not care, we were in New Orleans! we ate and started to walk the strip!

    11:00 pm
    Started to bar hop and realized there were many strip clubs and in between the bars/clubs

    4:00 am
    at this point it was time to go to my room…..i had a blast and could no longer walk straight!

    8:00 am
    Breakfast time!! With only a couple of hours of sleep i needed Food!! In that moment i felt like those were the best bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes i have had in my life!! The orange juice was freshly squeezed and i had about 5 cups! i have actual pictures
    i took of the hotel the pool that was in the middle of the hotel but i am not abled to post them. I tried cutting and pasting but it did not work.

    Time for a 1 hour nap!

    11:00 am
    Getting ready to hit the road again

    12:00 am
    checking out!

    1:00 pm
    On the road to Atlanta Georgia!

    8:00 pm
    6.5 hours later we arrived at ATL! checked into Atlanta Marriott Marquis and immediately started to get ready for a night out on the town!

    10:00 pm
    Arrived at South city Kitchen in downtown Atlanta! I also have a picture of my meal that i wanted to show but i had mashed potatoes collard greens and fried chicken! it was amazing!!! The food was on point!

    12:00 am
    We were too tired to party so we headed back to the hotel. We all knocked out from al the driving and had another long day ahead of us.

    10:00 am
    Checked out early and started our drive back to New York!

    11:00 am
    Before we left ATL we decided to stop and get some Georgia Peaches (nothing special about them)

    Hit the road towards North Carolina!!

    My 36 hour consisted of 3 different places! it was my first road trip and cant wait to do the next one! learned what not to do for the next one (not to over pack) and excited to book cool hotels to stay in!

  5. 36 Hours in South Korea
    Bucheon & Seoul

    36 hours begin after you land

    12 pm Restaurant 8 in Incheon Intl Airport

    2 pm Arrive at AirbNb host home unpack and shower

    5 pm Hyundai Department Store/U-Plex Mall- YAY!! Shopping and street food

    8 pm Songnae Station for Subway waffles

    9 pm Night Night

    10 am YAY AirbNb = homemade breakfast

    12 pm Gyeongbokgung Palace

    4 pm You Are Here Cafe

    6 pm Namsang Tower

    9 pm Walk around Seoul

    11 pm AirbNb home

    About an hour left back to New York in the Morning

  6. If I were given the choice to spend 36 hours in any place of the world, I would choose my homeland The Dominican Republic.

    36 Hours in the Dominican Republic
    Melanie Santiago
    10:00 am – Arriving at my grandmother’s house.
    My Grandmother lives in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. She lives on the third and last floor of a building that she owns, or she calls it herself her “penthouse”. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, comfortable kitchen and leaving room and a spacious balcony where different family events are held.

    12:00 pm – lunch. My family has lot of beautiful and talented women who love to cook.
    The fact that I am in the country means that my whole family is coming over. My grandmother’s balcony is part ceiling covered for rainy days; however, it is still opened to enjoy the view of the different trees and get fresh air. As shown in the pictures there is a huge variety of delicious Dominican food anyone can enjoy. Some of my favorites are rice and beans, pastelon, Russian salad and goat.

    3:00 pm – Bingo!!
    Other than, to eat a lot, my favorite family activity is to talk among each other while we play bingo. This game would bring up the arguments and laughs; and for those who are lucky it will bring the money they will use on their next trip to the super market.
    Note: It should be taken into account that playing Bingo with the Rodriguez Family will take a while.

    9:00 pm – Dinner My favorite place in the whole world to eat chimi (burgers) is “The King Chimi”; and what better than share it with some of my best friends. This burgers place located in an area of the capital named Los Rios. Each ingredient used in the place is fresh and cooked right in front of you.

    10:00 pm – Visit K-oss Lounge
    K-oss Lounge is a great place to have a good time with your friends. They provide with a comfortable atmosphere, good alcoholic and none alcoholic drinks and cocktails; and a variety of danceable music people of all ages will enjoy.
    10:00 am- Breakfast
    One of my favorite Dominican dishes is Mangu. You can have it at any time of the day, but it is mostly served for breakfast or dinner. Most of the time is accompanied by as we call it “los tres golpes” (the three strikes), eggs, salami and white fried cheese.

    12:00 pm – Beach Time!!!
    One of the things that the Dominican Republic is well known by is our beautiful beaches. I wouldn’t find a better place to spend my last hours in country than the beach with the people I love the most, my friends and family. Even Though this picture was taken by me at San Rafael, Barahona I would go to a beach only an hour away from the airport called Juan Dolio.
    7:00 pm – Dinner
    I would highly recommend anyone who visits a Dominican beach to enjoy their freshly fished and fried fish. They have a huge variety of fishes to choose from. You can pick it yourself and watch how they cook it. And of course you cannot leave with you having at least one of their delicious yaniqueques (Johnnycake).
    9:00 pm- Back to NYC
    At International Airport Las Americas waiting for my flight back home in New York.

  7. brittany Petersen says:

    Britany Petersen
    36 Hours in New York

    10:00 am – Check in to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel located at 11 7th avenue W 53rd Street. Visiting New York most people make it a priority to visit Time Square, that’s one of the places you think of when you hear the “Big Apple”. The rates start at just $179.00 per night, the rooms are very large and spacious, and the hotel itself has a lot to offer, besides the amenities there are also restaurants and bars located right in the hotel. One wouldn’t have far to go if the never wanted to leave their hotel.
    12:00 pm – Lunch at the Famous Junior’s Restaurant. Located at 11 Broadway, Juniors is a staple place for New York, most commonly known for their cheesecake they also make a delicious shrimp alfredo and a killer Pina colada.
    2:00 pm – Not too far from the restaurant is the Madam Tussauds wax figure museum, 234 W 42nd Street with tickets starting as low as $35. The where you can go to see all of your favorite celebs without paying an arm and a leg to go to a concert.
    4:00 pm – The day is winding down and already we’ve done so much, all without going too far from the hotel. This is the perfect time to see the latest movie, what other theater to go to than Times Square, Bright Lights and Big Cities.
    7:00 pm – Dinner will be at the Famous Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger, a 24 hour dinner with the best burgers and the portions are huge!
    9:00 pm – Ending the night at the Bowlmor, a bowling alley located right on 224 W 44th Street. What a better way to end a night than with a little bowling and cocktails.
    9:00 am – Breakfast would be simple, order room service this way you can have the most important meal of the day while your still in your robe recovering from such an awesome night.
    11:00 am – the days just beginning, let’s start it off right and what a better way than SHOPPING! Take a trip to 5th Avenue. Where all of the popular stores with all of the latest trends. Browsing and purchasing from the many different stores from Louis Vuitton to H&M.
    1:00 pm – Lunch time, its all about Big Daddy’s Diner. Located on 239 Park Avenue. Everything there is absolutely great, whatever you decide to order make sure your order a side of tater tots, they are to die for!
    2:00 pm – After eating you need to relax and unwind so Essential therapy is the place to go for great massages at affordable prices.
    4:00 pm – Hey why not, you’re in the Big Apple anyway, visit the museum of sex, they a ton of different exhibits and a gift shop if those are the types of things your into. I mean why else would you be there.
    8:00 pm – Lastly dinner will be at “Lips” famous for their drag queen shows. This place is just fun. The atmosphere is great and lively. The shows are funny and your waiters, waitresses, and bartenders are all a part of the show. They take your order so you can have your food and drinks before the show starts. This will be the perfect way to end your visit to New York City.

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