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36 Hours in New York

10:00 am – Check in to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel located at 11 7th avenue W 53rd Street. Visiting New York most people make it a priority to visit Time Square, that’s one of the places you think of when you hear the “Big Apple”. The rates start at just $179.00 per night, the rooms are very large and spacious, and the hotel itself has a lot to offer, besides the amenities there are also restaurants and bars located right in the hotel. One wouldn’t have far to go if the never wanted to leave their hotel.

12:00 pm – Lunch at the Famous Junior’s Restaurant. Located at 11 Broadway, Juniors is a staple place for New York, most commonly known for their cheesecake they also make a delicious shrimp alfredo and a killer Pina colada.

2:00 pm – Not too far from the restaurant is the Madam Tussauds wax figure museum, 234 W 42nd Street with tickets starting as low as $35. The where you can go to see all of your favorite celebs without paying an arm and a leg to go to a concert.    

4:00 pm – The day is winding down and already we’ve done so much, all without going too far from the hotel. This is the perfect time to see the latest movie, what other theater to go to than Times Square, Bright Lights and Big Cities.  

7:00 pm – Dinner will be at the Famous Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger, a 24 hour dinner with the best burgers and the portions are huge!

9:00 pm – Ending the night at the Bowlmor, a bowling alley located right on 224 W 44th Street. What a better way to end a night than with a little bowling and cocktails.

9:00 am – Breakfast would be simple, order room service this way you can have the most important meal of the day while your still in your robe recovering from such an awesome night.

11:00 am – the days just beginning, let’s start it off right and what a better way than SHOPPING! Take a trip to 5th Avenue. Where all of the popular stores with all of the latest trends. Browsing and purchasing from the many different stores from Louis Vuitton to H&M.

1:00 pm – Lunch time, its all about Big Daddy’s Diner. Located on 239 Park Avenue. Everything there is absolutely great, whatever you decide to order make sure your order a side of tater tots, they are to die for!

2:00 pm – After eating you need to relax and unwind so Essential therapy is the place to go for great massages at affordable prices.

4:00 pm – Hey why not, you’re in the Big Apple anyway, visit the museum of sex, they a ton of different exhibits and a gift shop if those are the types of things your into. I mean why else would you be there.

8:00 pm – Lastly dinner will be at “Lips” famous for their drag queen shows. This place is just fun. The atmosphere is great and lively. The shows are funny and your waiters, waitresses, and bartenders are all a part of the show. They take your order so you can have your food and drinks before the show starts. This will be the perfect way to end your visit to New York City.

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We Are Meeting Here on December 21

The Plaza Food Hall on 58th off of 5th Avenue

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36 Hours in New Orleans

36 Hours in New Orleans

Amber Rutland


royal sonesta10am – Arrive at Royal Sonesta New Orleans. Drop off bags at the lobby.

The Royal Sonesta is a local landmark hotel that opened its doors in 1969. It is located on the bustling Bourbon Street, one of the main areas of the New Orleans’ French Quarter. Having recently underwent a 30 million renovation, the hotel includes 483 guest rooms, where a good number of them provide scenic views of the hotel’s courtyard, pool area, and even Bourbon Street itself.

amelie11am – Have lunch at Cafe Amelie.

Café Amelie is a small restaurant located on another one of the French Quarter’s landmarks; the former home of Princess Alice, the first princess of Monaco.


1850house12pm – Visit the 1850 House and the Cabildo. Part of the Louisiana State Museum, the 1850 House shows visitors the lavish lifestyle of middle and upper-class families in New Orleans’ most prosperous time periods. The Cabildo once served as the center of New Orleans government as well as Louisiana’s Supreme Court. It presents a lot of information about the area’s early history.

antoinesannex1pm – Snack Break at Antoine’s Annex.

Antoine’s Annex is a small café run by the historical Antoine’s Restaurant, where coffee drinks and pastries are served.

2pm – Browse at the many shops and galleries along Royal Street, and watch the many street performers at almost every corner. See the cathedral in Jackson Square

3pm – Return to hotel, check into rooms. Rest for about 1-2 hours.

5pm – Gather in lobby.  Head to Arnaud’s restaurant. Arnaud’s is another historical fine-dining Creole restaurant and landmark in the French Quarter that is almost 100 years old. Arnaud has a Mardi Gras Museum within their establishment that features costumes from celebrations during the early-mid 1900’s. There will be a small tour before dinner at 5:30pm.


8pm – Visit the many tourist shops open along Decatur Street. (Pepper Palace, Serendipitous Masks, Magnolia Praline Company, etc.)

frenchmenart9pm – Browse the Frenchmen Art Market.

It is an outdoor marketplace that hosts many artistic vendors, from paintings to photography to crafts and more.

10pm – Jam a Jazz session at The Maison.

The Maison is one of the many bars/lounges along Frenchmen Street that has performances by local musicians on an almost-nightly basis.


2am – Return to Bourbon Street, option of a late-night drink or watching drunkards. Bourbon Street is known for their bars and their drunks.


7am  – Luggage Packing.


cafesoule9am– Breakfast at Cafe Soule, a local café very close to the hotel.

10am – Check-out early. Leave baggage with front desk.


cajun pride

12pm – Swamp Boat Tour with Cajun Pride Tours. About 1 – 1 ½ hour drive away from the French Quarter, Cajun Pride is one of the few businesses that takes groups out into the Louisiana swamps to see local wildlife.

1pm – Tour ends at 1:30pm

2pm – Quick lunch at fast food drive-through.

3:20pm – Tour at Laura Plantation. Laura Plantation is one of the few historical buildings left of it’s kind. Run by descendants of the later owners (supposedly purchased –after- slavery ended in Louisiana), the grounds are kept in good condition for visitors to view most of the property.

4pm –Tour Ends

royalhouse5pm – Return to New Orleans, have dinner at Royal House Oyster Bar.

Royal House is a popular seafood and cajun spot, located at what used to be a popular Italian restaurant before Hurricane Katrina.


7pm – Return to hotel; retrieve bags, visit the Jazz Playhouse inside Sonesta for some last minute jazz and drinks.


9pm – Make one last stop, at Café du Monde for coffee and beignets.

10pm – Depart for airport


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36 Hours in New York

10:00 am – check into The French Quarters Guest ApartmentsGas lit lanterns with creole cuisines will transport you to the french quarters in New Orleans. The birth place of american cuisines. Two blocks away from Times Square.

picture from http://ny-guides.com/?page_id=349

12:00 pm – Late afternoon Dim Sum at Grand Harmony. Right in the middle of china town and just a block away from little Italy.

Grand Harmony - New York, NY, United States picture by Hannah H. (yelper)

2:00 pm – walk over to SOHO and window shop

4:00 pm – Afternoon Tea at Laduree SoHo. Macaroons made in pairs and fly in to New York. Each macaroon is a little piece of pairs

Ladurée Soho - New York, NY, United States. Perfect place for dessertspicture by Olivia K. (yelper)

7:00 p:m dinner at Dallas BBQ. Dallas size drink and meals that is easy on the wallet.

Dallas BBQ - New York, NY, United States. Baby back ribpicture by s s. (yelper)

9:00 pm – Have a late night bite at Crif dogs, not only is their hot dog good, but they have a secret door inside a phone booth that leads to a PDT (please don’t tell) a not so secret anymore bar.

Please Don't Tell - New York, NY, United States. Round two- cranberry and ginger beer (don't get that) picture by Celine L. (yelper)

9:00 am – breakfast at The Grey Dog. A local bran like diner that displays local painting and art for sale by local artiest.

The Grey Dog - New York, NY, United States. The Grey Dog breakfastpicture by Connie L. (yelper)

11:00 am – Visit the Museum of Natural History. Once a home a wealthy man now his collectible items and home is on display for the public with donate as you like entrance fee.

American Museum of Natural History - New York, NY, United States. The carriage is parked mi-lady; shall we?picture by Huy T. (yelper)

1:00 pm – lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Own by celebrity chef David Chang Momofuku is a fusion restaurant that combines Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Momofuku Noodle Bar - New York, NY, United States. Momofuku's signature ramen. More pork belly, dried pork, poached egg, cabbage, scallions, and seaweed.  picture by Tina c. (yelper)

2:00 pm – Take a stroll in central park. Get a feel of the geographic landscape that the ice age craved out.

4:00 pm – Walk Along the Skyline

8:00 pm – dinner at Kenka. A per WWII theme Japanese restaurant that has a curry eating challenge and their beer is only $1.50 per glass. A self service cotton candy machine outside and exotic food inside. This restaurant is not for children, the decor of the restaurant is filled with bondage poster and sex dolls. DO NOT BRING CHILDREN.


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36 hours in Puerto Rico

10:00 am – check into the Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa

rio mar 2

12:00 pm – Having grilled Mahi Mahi sandwiches and pina colada ordered from the Tiki Bar & Grill for lunch while relaxing on the beach with excellent guest service.


2:00 pm – Wanting to experience Puerto Rico’s true culture, I went to El  Viejo San Juan, sightseeing landmarks such as Fuerte San Felipe El Morro and Fort San Cristobal.


4:00 pm – Explore El Yunque National Rainforest, hike along trails and swim in a waterfall pool for a break. Then finally, go to El Portal exhibit hall showcasing exhibitions.

el yunque

7:00 pm – Have dinner at the restaurant and have Bruschetta Palio as an appetizer and Pollo Parmigiana as the meal with a cup of rose champagne.


9:00 pm – I end my night kayaking at the Bioluminescent Bay, experiencing something I never thought could ever be possible. Being in a tropical phosphorescence bay was one of the most amazingly beautiful sights I’d ever laid eyes on and a wonderful way to end my night.


9:00 am – To start my morning off, I had breakfast at Barista Cafe and had the Chocolate Strawberry Delight waffles and a vanilla latte.


11:00 am – I went Camuy River Cave Park, where there is an underground river flowing through it.


1:00 pm – For lunch I went to eat at Shima’s sushi Restaurant, where I ate shrimp tempura roll.


2:00 pm – I decided to try something I never thought I’d ever do so I went zip lining, looking over Puerto Rico’s beautiful and exotic scenery.

zip line

4:00 pm – I then went on a horseback ride through Carabali rainforest park, riding along Mameyes River and taking in the tropical scenery.

horseback riding

8:00 pm – Ending my last night in Puerto Rico eating a nice dinner at Seabreeze, where I enjoyed a plate of Fisherman’s Delight with a cup of Grenache wine.


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36 Hours In Haiti, Port Au Prince

10:00 am – check into hotel

Arrived at Marriott Port Au Prince Hotel located 147, Jean Paul II, Turgeau.  The center of Port Au Prince commercial district having restaurants, shopping, and business. As well as fitness and recreation center with a access pool and spacious rooms including high speed internet.

Reference: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/papmc-marriott-port-au-prince-hotel/

Port Au Prince Haiti Greatroom

12:00 pm – lunch

Magdoos is a Caribbean food ranging from Spanish, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. The setting has trees all around and hanging gardens, as well as paintings as the decor.

2:00 pm – activity

Musee du Pantheon National Haitian is located at the Avenue de la Republic. The decorated place has various historic items from the early days of Haiti. Ranging from crowns and ships sailing from other countries. A historic item shown there is the rusting anchor of Christopher Columbus flagship, the Santa Maria.

4:00 pm – activity

Travel to the Island of Labadee, Haiti. Ride the longest Zip-line called the “Dragons Breath.” Breath-taking and ecstatic feeling as you soar through the sky watching the scenery of the forest and waters around you. A beautiful view of the culture.

7:00 pm – dinner

Les Jardins du Mupanah is located Avenue de la Repubique. Beautiful architecture and lighting for the modern day. Reasonable prices. Before eating to the dining area, you can visit the museum for a great and spectacular evening or any time of the day.

9:00 pm – activity

Bassin Bleu is a beautiful place to have a nice cool and relaxing place to go for a swim. A waterfall and stream to dive in and from. as well as some beautiful fish swimming along the streams. You can even rock climb to the top of the waterfall for an amazing view of the area.

9:00 am – breakfast

Aux Hibiscus is a Bed and Breakfast. Beautiful view and even after the wonderful food and relaxation, you can go for walk along the strip of the mountain behind the place enjoying the weather and scenery.

11:00 am – activity

Marche de Fer is located in Grand Rue. Red metal structure from 1889 that was created for a market. It is remarkable of its varieties of art and food to purchase with reasonable pricing.

1:00 pm – lunch

La Table de Caius is located 16 Rue Legitime. Reasonable Pricing and delicious dishes such as the pastas they serve.


2:00 pm – activity

Relax at the hotel.

4:00 pm – activity

Enjoy the pool and buffet at the hotel in the Marriott Hotel.

8:00 pm – dinner

Epi d’or is located at Route de Delmas. Beautiful service and amazing place to relax with AC. Food from Pizza, Ice Cream, Mac Epi, and Marseillaise. Pastry dishes to buy and atmosphere is such as a cafeteria for socializing.

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36 hours in Los Angeles, California

10:00 am – check into  hotel  Mondrian located in W Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA   It is a chic unique boutique hotel Pictured is a studio room. Photo credit: www.Americansky.ie

12:00 pm – lunch at Tortilla Republic @ 616 N Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.   Mexican cuisine which uses organic and locally grown produce in their kitchens. Photo credit: left;erictheepicture.blogspot.com right;pinterest

2:00 pm – Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach  Photo credit: sodahead.com

4:00 pm – Queen Mary Tour in Long Beach. Historic ship (ocean liner) which was mainly used during the World War II and which is rumored to be haunted. Photo credit left; anytots.com   right; hauntedamericatours.com

7:00 pm – dinner at Tequila Jacks located in located at 407 Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach, CA    Great happy hour and food. Great outdoor seating over looking a harbor for a great view of the sunset. Photo credit: left; Jhoent Sosa  right;pinterest

9:00 pm – Troubadour located at 9081 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood. Popular club with live music.

9:00 am – breakfast at the Griddle Café located at 7916 W Sunset Blvd. Very famous for their one of a kind scrumptious delicious pancakes. Not to be missed if you are in LA. Artists/Actors have been spotted at this location. One plate of their pancakes is good enough for 2 or 3 persons. Photo credit left; yelp right; foodspotting.com

11:00 am – Hollywood Walk of Fame. Photo Credit: left; urlaubsziele.com  right; Jhoent Sosa

1:00 pm – lunch at Cielito Lindo in Central LA. Small spot specializing in authentic fried taquitos (rolled tacos)  Photo credit: eyespyla.blogspot.com

2:00 pm – Olvera Street stroll tour. “Little Mexico”- an outdoor market place with shops specializing in Mexican artistry, souvenirs, cultural dance wardrobe outfits and small food spots, and music entertainers touring around. Photo credit: left; Jhoent Sosa  right; thehundreds.com

4:00 pm – The Grammy Museum Los Angeles  Photo credit: yelp

8:00 pm – dinner at Angelini Osteria located at 7313 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. Excellent Italian cuisine. Photo credit: articles.latimes.com

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36 hours in Georgetown, Guyana.

10:00 a:m checked in at Marriott Hotel in Georgetown Guyana located in Kingston. It is one of Guyana’s luxurious hotel.


12:00 pm Lunch at Gravity Restaurant and Lounge located at Regent and Camp Streets Georgetown in the Foot Steps Mega Store.


2:00 p:m activity  visited one of the tallest wooden churches in the world situated in Georgetown, Guyana. The name of the church is St. George’s Cathedral.


4:00 p:m visited the Botanical Garden and zoo. Went over the little white bridge called the kissing bridge where many marry couples take pictures. In the gardens there is an area called the seven pond.





7:00 p:m dinner at the famous Palm Court Restuarant and Bar on Main Street, Georgetown Guyana. Had some delicious Guyanese finger licking fried fish and plantain chips and offcourse a shot of xm mature 10 years old rum.


10:00 p:m checked into Marriot Hotel to sleep and prepare for the following day activities.

6:00 a:m breakfast at the Marriott Hotel, for breakfast enjoy some pepper pot and pot one of Guyana’s main dish at christmas time.


7:00 arrived at the Ogle Airport, East Coast Demerara, Guyana for the trip to one of our attraction and tourist site, The Mighty Kaieteur Falls.


8:00 a:m plane already boarded ready to take off, the journey is one hour.

images (1)

9:00 a:m landed at the Kaieteur Airstrip and the wondering sight seeing begins. Kaieteur Falls is the world’s widest single drop waterfall located on the Potaro River in the Kaieteur Park in Essequibo, Guyana.


1:00 p:m lunch was served. Many videos were shown, there is so much to learn about the wild life in the jungles of Guyana.

4:00 p:m activity at the Kaieteur Falls has ended time to assemble to fly back to the Ogle International Airport.

5:00 p:m landed at the airport.

6:00 p:m checked in at the Marriot Hotel had some drinks and food, spent some time interacting.



8:00 p:m checked in my room to sleep.


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36 Hours In New York City

“36 Hours ” — New York City
10:00 am– check into hotel: 1

We arrive to the Park Lane  hotel, which located on Fifth Avenue at central park south, in Manhattan. It a luxury hotel was constructed and most fantastic.

12:00 pm–lunch:

Go to the plaza hotel food hall, it is near by the hotel. We eat the Lady M cakes.

2:00 pm– activity:

Walk to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not, we experience the unbelievable mysteries and excited of our world. This is make us to immerse in the unusual, unexpected and unbelievable.

4:00 pm– activity:22

Go to the AMC theater Located in 42th street to see the movie.

7:00 pm– dinner:222

We came to Apple bee to eat dinner.

10:00 pm– activity:

Go back to hotel. Then, go to sleep and preparing for tomorrow.

9:00 am– breakfast:

We get ready to go Starbucks  located in fifth avenue.

11:00 am– activity:

We check out the hotel, and go to the Time Square for shopping.

1:00 pm– lunch:

We eat sushi in ” Wasabi” store which is located in Time Square.

2:00 pm– activity:1111

We go back to Flushing which is we live here. We decide to go Rose House for desserts.


4:00 pm– activity:

We decide to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. And we take a lot of pictures.

8:00 pm– dinner:

We go back to home and eat dinner with family.

9:00 pm– activity:

We came to Gym for exercise.

10:00 pm– Go to the sleep.

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36 Hours In Hawaii

10:00 am – check in to Bed and Breakfast


12:00 pm – lunch


2:00 pm – activity

4:00 pm – activity

7:00 pm – dinner

9:00 pm – activity

9:00 am – breakfast

11:00 am – activity

1:00 pm – lunch

2:00 pm – activity

4:00 pm – activity

8:00 pm – dinner

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