Using the Thesaurus.

Good day to all. So today I would like to share with you some helpful hints in writing, your paper. As I was writing my paper I noticed that it felt flat and one dimensional due to the same old use of words and phrase and didn’t really have the impact that I wanted. That’s when I decided to use the Thesaurus.

The thesaurus is more than just a list of synonyms it can be used as a guide to the language. You can also find antonyms related to words and lastly idiomatic phrases to help you add life to your paper and make it a more interesting read. It will also help you to broaden your vocabulary and your paper will take on a much more professional tone. If you have never thought about using the thesaurus I highly recommend giving it a try.

Topic: Racism and Airbnb

So as I write this research paper I find that articles written in newspapers and legal court cases are a great help. There are also goods sources of information online regarding civil rights laws both state and federal. Airbnb has also published a 32 page document that details and outlines how they plan to handle discrimination. Airbnb does admit they were slow in responding to this matter and apologies for the delay.

Racism and Hospitality

Thesis: Racism is defined as any class or group of people seen as inferior to another group of people. Racism is widespread throughout the hospitality industry. I’m focusing on the segment of Airbnb in hospitality. Racism is alive and well in this area.  It has been proven that many guest who are African American have been discriminated against based on race or names that sound ethnic.I intend to try to come up with viable solutions to deal with this issue.


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