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Assignment #3: added value

As I worked on this assignment, I saw how creative my project will be once I started cutting the picture of myself apart. There would be times that I would get frustrated on how to put it all together. I would use about 5 pictures and cut each one in different sizes. It came to a point where I just mixed up everything together in hopes that something will come out. The result was a “monster like” figure that was created out of my face, as weird as that may sound. And painting it was even harder to me because I do a horrible job at painting.

When I started on the second collage, I found it to be easier because I was using high key elements and putting it all together. Even though a figure was really created in this one, I was still proud of what I had created. Photoshopping the image was a bit difficult, since I had no experience in using Photo shop but it was also fun to me. Overall, I feel that this is my best work in class so far. I hope to get a good enough grade to reflect on my hard work