Assignment #2: Rhythmic Elevation Freestudy


For this assignment, I thought that it would be more successful than the first assignment. The mash up I thought was the most successful out of the whole assignment. The topographic map I thought was a bit confusing to me and was least successful. Even though it might look incomplete, I still had fun drawing.

One thought on “Assignment #2: Rhythmic Elevation Freestudy

  1. Lilly

    The work is done really well, but like i said when i viewed this in class, if you really wanted it to look like mountains in the center, more lines should have bee drawn inside of it to give it more texture. As well, it doesn’t like much effort was put into it, but i know from your opinion you thought of a lot of what you saw in your mind. Other than that, its pretty well done. The mash up looks good based on personal idea and some craftsmanship. The bottom right box, what i would have done different, you’re not far off from is, make the line bolder so it can draw more attention to itself. If any questions about my critique, let me know.


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