In today’s busy world finding the efficient way around the city is greatly desired, but by choosing this efficient path we miss out on a great amount of sights that the city offers. Getting lost in the city is the only way to discover such sights, but how about getting lost in a area that passes along your commute with deviating too much from your original route? As an example the route that we will get “Lost” in, this route will be from the Jay Street Metro tech train station over to the Dekalb train station.

To begin this trip we will first start from the Jay Street station where the A,C and R trains stop at, from there make a left and head straight until you see Myrtle Avenue head over there and you’ll see a park, this will be our first stop. While heading inside the park area there will be many christmas decorations which while a little early are still rather nice to see, there is also donated art from Poly tech on display to see and if you’re hungry there is many food related franchise to choose from. During warmer temperatures there is lots of life in this area and even in the cold weather you’ll find people just being people. As we proceed straight we will come across a curved road at the end of Myrtle Avenue and from there make a right on Duffield Street to eventually come across something amazing. One of our stops is a landmark or rather landmarks that are most often referred to as the 182-188 Duffield Houses these historical landmarks are remnants of a neighborhood that was eventually replaced by what is now “Tech place” while it does feel out of place that is what gives it it’s mysterious beauty and what can be described as a step back in time, there is also a church with its own set of history as well. As you head to the end of the street make a left on Willoughby Street and continue down this path for a bit. Eventually you will come across the Chase Building and inside it holds a bunch of monitors with a many flashing images (If you have a history of Epileptic seizures or anything similar avoid this stop) that loos as if they belong in a music video. At the end of Willoughby street make a left at the Flatbush exit and head straight from there to eventually come across the Dekalb train station and if you continue to go forward you will eventually hit the Fulton Mall. See? Getting lost isn’t all that bad, was it now?

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