Starting my walk today I went around City Tech with no actual plans to where I wanted to go since I don’t really know the area as well as I would like to, that being said let me describe my tiny adventure around Jay Street! First off exit from the Johnson Street side, the one with the construction going on as you walk towards this street you’ll be greeted with sounds of cars, trains and indistinguishable voices. Now keep on going after a bit of minutes of walking you can look to your left and see a concession stand with people waiting on line to get some food you’ll also be able to see or take the subway if you desire. As you might see there is some trees and much leaves go through there, as you walk you will come across people being people and enjoying the day. Now keep on going and you’ll see a Five Guys, now why a Five Guys? I was hungry that’s why. Now make a right you should be able to see many buildings out into the distance also if you look to your left there will be a nifty map to help you out in case you are ever to get lost. Now keep walking and go past the metal poles and keep on walking you’ll come across a blood donor center in which you can go donate blood  to save a few lives. Now here is one of the instances I see in which I see two New York’s the building behind the small one makes it look as if a line that divides the newer and more nicer looking building from the ones that are more run down and have more history behind them. As you keep walking north the divide becomes more evident the buildings aren’t as nice looking as they were around City Tech, once you pass the ASA learning center look to the sky and to look at a towering building that in a sense makes it look as this area is closed in similar to an oasis in the desert, only that in this case the desert is the newer Jay Street and Willoughby Street is the oasis in the desert. Now walk north towards Willoughby Street and keep walking north till you come across Lawrence Street make a left and you’re in the Fulton Mall.  Keep on walking north and you’ll be greeted by various noise ranging from people to buses along with the many noises you might also be greeted with delicious smells depending on your tastes, I found it rather delicious but then again I was hungry. Now as you walk you will eventually come across Bridge Street make a left and see another entrance to the train station this time it’s the 2 and 3 lines ignore this for now or take it if you’d like. As you walk you’ll see a building that is currently under construction and along with that building there is many noises from industrial equipment. For our last stop keep on going straight and take the R train lines.P1010677P1010678P1010679P1010680P1010685P1010686P1010690P1010693P1010694, and now where? Well for me it’s home and that was my adventure around the neighborhood that surrounds City Tech.

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