Hello my name is Alexander Guerrero and I’m a freshman at City Tech who is attempting a major in Graphic Arts. What do I hope to achieve this year? I hope to grow as an artist so that I can branch out and move into other things rather than just specialize in art. As for my aesthetic I would consider it to be cartoony with a hint of realism, what influenced this? Well mainstream Japanese culture did, I’ve always loved the way anime tells stories that can be sweet but bitter at the same time. What makes me passionate? Video games and seeing others do great things! Just seeing how people draw amazing creations on the internet gets me in the mood to make my own concepts. Now why video games? I’m passionate about video games because just like books they are able to take you into new dimensions with an added interaction that books normally aren’t able to provide. As a novice artist who is learning art truly for the first time I can’t truly say I have a plan, but I do have an idea of what I want to do what I want to do is give back to the community by drawing and playing video games for charity the way other popular people on Youtube do.

What brought about choosing a eagle as my avatar?  In reality it’s the traits this bird posses that I want to emulate in my life one day. One of these traits is fearlessness and the way they’re able to take on a challenge without being afraid of the challenge. Another trait they posses is vitality and how they are able to bounce back and their desire to keep on living. Their tenacity is also another trait and their ability to take risks in where others would move out of the way. Lastly is their way of nurturing their young and their patience towards them. In my eyes the eagle is a true example of a leader and is a paradigm I strive to become because leaders grow along with their peers rather than being the boss of their peers, and strive to help everyone grow to bring out their potential.While they have more characteristics that portray them as leaders these are the ones that stand out to me the most in relation to what I was taught as a child by my parents, this is why I chose the eagle as my avatar not to mention that it also looks like it’s smiling which also gives it a gentle aura of some sort.

While it’s rather difficult to misinterpreted my avatar mostly because the traits it portrays are the traits I want to emulate. However some people might take it that I’m aggressive seeing how eagles are birds of prey and that they hunt. Another assumption people might take into part is that I’m patriotic this isn’t exactly the case( I have pride for both countries that I belong from, Mexico and the U.S) since I don’t exactly take my home country all that seriously, though world events do peak my interest. Overall it’s rather difficult to misinterpret my avatar.

What I want to portray in my profile is somebody willing to learn and to grow. I want this profile to portray my growth and journey to becoming just like an eagle, Tenacious yet kind. It matters to me because I want to develop and not stay stationary because the world is constantly evolving and waits for no one. More importantly I want this portfolio and profile to be a legacy of sorts that separates me from who I was before.




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