The education I have received from New York City College of Technology’s Dental Hygiene program has laid in stone the foundation for me to understand patients and become the prevention specialist that I proudly am today. Through time and dedication I was able to develop clinical and communication skills that I am pleased to provide each and every one of my patients with. Dental Hygiene is far more than just cleaning teeth and I have made it my goal to ensure that my patients understand that. We get the opportunity to be educators, health care advocates, and greatly influence the health of our patients far, far beyond their mouths. Dental Hygiene is an enormously dynamic field and I am proud and excited to be a part of it. I have learned the value and significance of my education as a dental hygiene student. I have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to have a successful career. More importantly, I have gained experience and abilities that have helped expand my horizons not only as a critical thinker, but by also helping improve my communication and desire for collaboration with others. Communication is so important not only as a dental hygienist, but as a human being. I have learned so much by having an open mind and spending time with all the patients that have come into my chair at NYCCT. This experience has truly been unforgettable. Inside this portfolio you will be able to take a glimpse of my progress and personal experiences as a dental hygienist thus far. Thank you for visiting!


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