About Me

Artem Gubenko (me)

My name is Artem, I was born in Ukraine in 2002 and lived the past 14

years of my life in Kyiv. One day in 2016 my parents applied for a

green card as a chance to get a better life full of possibilities and new

beginnings and we didn’t expect to get an opportunity like that

whatsoever but as a matter of fact, we did and I’m really glad it

happened. At first, we didn’t know what exactly we were supposed to do

at the point where we’re given this big of a change in our lifestyle

knowing that all our friends and relatives would be left behind. But

eventually, we decided to take the risk and come to the US even

though some could argue we weren’t the people who needed it the

most. This showed me a new perspective introduced me to new

people, and completely altered me as a person to the point where I

wouldn’t recognize my past self and as of today wouldn’t agree on

many things.

I went to James Madison High School my freshman year without

knowing what to expect and with little to no language experience. I’ve

been struggling, was having a hard time adapting, and even denied the

circumstances I was put in. But at some point, I realized that I had no

choice but to pounce my way in to fit in, while preserving who I am.

It took some time, I knew I shouldn’t rush but I was willing to do

whatever it took to make my way through all this.