Visual Quote Project

“Franklyn my dear, I don’t give a damn.” – Rhett Butler

This quote is from the novel and film, “Gone with the Wind”. I chose this quote because i loved watching the movie and this scene was my favorite.  I really enjoyed working on this project as working on Indesign was new for me.


Concept #1

For my first quote design, I wanted to keep it simple, so I chose the background to be an old piece of paper used in the 1930’s, when the movie “Gone with the Wind” was made. My idea was to make the quote into a letter written by Rhett Butler.





Concept #2

For my second design, I chose to fill the entire background with the same quote so there’s repetition. And then I took a few words of the quote from every other line and change the color of the font so when you look at the design, the black left aligned quote will catch your eye and will stand out from the white text.





Concept #3

For my third design, again I wanted to keep it simple, so made the background scarlet red and added the quote on the bottom and as the quote ends the footsteps begin. From that I wanted to show how Rhett says the line and walks away from her.