Video Project

For this assignment we had to interview a fellow student so i interviewed Grace. After interviewing we had to cut the video two minutes short and add credits in the end of the video. For the interview questions i read Graces eportfolio’s bio and then wrote the questions according to what she had mentioned about herself. I had fun while working on this project as interviewing someone was something i had never done before. Some issues I had while filming the interview video was trying to figure out how and where to film it. While editing I had to cut a lot of the video beacuse the duration of the original video was longer than 4 minutes. Other than that I had a fun time editing it and learning from it.


1. Where did you transfer from?

2. What do you like to draw? and did you draw when you were young?

3. What do you find interesting about design?

4. You said you find Web design interesting. What is it about it that attracts your attention?

5. Besides Design, is there anything you want to excel in?

6. What do you like to do in your extra time outside of college and studies?

7. What is your favorite music genre?

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years career wise?

9. Do you consider yourself as an artist?

10. Any advice for someone who is seeking to be an artist or a designer?