Field Trip Report

Museum of the City of New York

Going in to the museum, this was the first thing that caught mine and my fellow students attention. No matter from what angle you look at it, you will see a different pattern. The sparkling lights surrounded by beautiful spiral staircase are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The first work that attracted my attention was this punk poster of an American musician, Lou Reed. The vibrant energy you get by looking at this piece reflects the same energy that surfaced through New York in the 1970’s. The use of yellow on the black background makes the writing stand out more. The typography used is also reflecting the same kind of energy, bold and funky. The composition of the word “punk” is on the very top of the poster, slightly larger font size which makes it stand out more than the singers name at the very bottom, also in yellow font.


This piece was on the 3rd floor in “Cycling in the City”. Even though this was a small sign on the wall and not in spotlight, it still caught my eye. I love how the wheels of the cycle make the eyes of the smiley face. This piece really made me smile.