Original Concept

Alex Giffen

PROJECT TITLE: Audio System Implementation for Live Performance

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to show the culmination of my knowledge and skills I learned during my time at City Tech. I gained so much experience during my internship course, and the companies I worked with during my internship contracted me to do this project. The companies include Hershey’s Audio / Video Systems, Alliance Audio, and Club XL. These companies want a plan for the live sound system for the event. I will start by communicating with the talent to decide what they will be needing to perform. The sound system must be catered to the specific needs of the talent, so I’ll need to research their music and sound. The venue is new, and not well stocked on sound gear, if the talent is in need of more equipment that research will be part of the project as well. The next step will be creating all the system diagrams and block diagrams for the venue. Once all the planning is done, the day of the show will require a lot of attention. Helping the band with load in and set up is just the start. I’ll also be in charge of sound check and monitor mixing before the venue opens.  The sound board must be manned the entire show for any adjustments to make sure the mix stays at appropriate levels through all the shows.

For the culmination project to be declared a success, three main goals must be met: provide clear sound of all instruments and vocals, make sure that the audience is comfortable with sound levels and create a unique experience for the listeners. If these goals are met, along with all documentation, the project will be proven successful.


The first deliverables that I will need to be procure are the documents. The first document made will be the Block Diagram. This will be developed using Lucidchart and will cover signal flow as well. The Ground Plan, System Layout, and Speaker Dispersion Pattern all rely upon the latter to be completed. These will all be completed using AutoCAD.


  • Block Diagram
  • Ground Plan
  • System Layout
  • Speaker Dispersion Pattern
  • Cue Lists
  • Research Notes
  • Photo / Video Archive
  • Poster  


  • Clear audio of all instruments and vocals
  • Safe audio levels
  • Show continues as planned


Sept. 7-10 Meet with band to discuss needs

Sept. 14-16 Create Block Diagram

Sept. 18/20 Meeting 1

Sept. 21-23 Create Ground Plan & System Layout

Sept. 28-30 Create Speaker Dispersion Pattern

Oct. 6            Shadowing Show

Oct. 16 Meeting 2


Oct. 24 Poster Rough Draft

Nov. 2/9/16/23 Live Show

Nov. 14 Open Lab Rough Draft

Nov. 20 / 22 Meeting 3

Dec. 6 Open Lab Complete

Dec. 10-13 Presentation



City Tech provides a plethora of resources to it’s students. Some resources provided will be AutoCAD and Lucidchart. The student will provide equipment such as computers, measuring equipment, construction tools, etc.



Ordinarily developing a show like this would cost a lot. Renting location, buying gear, and booking talent is usually a hefty sum; however, these will be provided by the venue. The budget for the purposes of this project will be quite low, $200, for any personal equipment that may need to be purchased as the need arises.


  • Executive Summary
  • Methods
  • Documentation
    • Block Diagram
    • Ground Plan
    • System Layout
    • Speaker Dispersion
    • Show Schedule
    • Photo Archive
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography



Below are listed the collaborating companies and their information.


Club XL (Phil Dobson)

(717) 409-8975




Assorted Studios (Jesse Landis)

(717) 916-3050



Hershey A/V Solutions (Justin Hershey)

(717) 814-8577